AI happy meal toys

These are the Series 1 characters.

These were made from 2012 and are based off of the 2008 Happy Meal toys.

Series 1Edit

Hippie Harmony-These Boots Are Made for Walkin'

Valentine Harmony-Groovy kind of Love

Soulful Selma-Ain't No mountain High enough

Valentine Selma-Baby Love

Disco Dave-Shake Your Groove Thing

New Wave Nigel-Whip It

Lil' Hip-Hop-Rapper's Delight

Country Clay-Devil Went Down to Georgia

Rockin' Riley-I love Rock and Roll

Series 2 Edit

Jazzy Jack-Moondance

Bluesy Bobby-Trouble by Elvis Presley

Paulina Pop-Complicated

Ragtime Ronald-The Entertainer

Operatic Olivia-Habanera from Carmen (sung with la la las)

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