This is a fanmade collection from 2014-2015.


Talking Austin-recites phrases from the movie franchise when the motion sensor is activated. Wears bright blue Carnaby suit with male sign pendant.

Singing Austin-sings "Mack the Knife" and "Love Potion Number 9" and shifts side-to-side. Comes in either electric blue, red, purple, orange or bright blue suit with male pendant. Eyes light up blue and mouth moves with synchronization.

Animated Fat Bastard-moves like Rocky the Rocking Gorilla and sings "School's Out for Summer." Also recites movie phrases.

Singing Swinging Foxxy Cleopatra-swings her body side-to-side and her arms move up and down. Jaw moves in sync to "Crazy in Love," "Work it Out," and "Hot Stuff". Cleo also talks.

Singing Hip-Swinging Felicity Shagwell-swings her hips while moving her arms and jaw to "Like a Virgin."

Mr. and Mrs. Bigglesworth-I Got You Babe

Foxxy Cleopatra Wiggler-wiggles to "Hot Stuff."

Austin Sidestepper in Red Suit-sidesteps to the Austin Powers theme song.

Hip-Hop Felicity and Vanessa-they dance and sing to No Scrubs.

Vanessa Sidestepper-Barbie Girl and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun play as she sidesteps.

70s Austin Rise Up-(Austin Powers,) Mack the Knife and Mojo Man (a parody of Macho Man) plays as Austin gyrates in a circle and blue lights flash on his base.

Jittering Fat Man-vibrates to Mack the Knife

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