These were made in 2009. They're based off the cartoon not seen in the U.S.


CJ-She moves like the Dancing Gnomes to a parody of the 1970's and 1980's UK, Jamaica and Caribbean Smarties commercial jingle, "A Handful of Smarties" named "I'm CJ the DJ."


I'm CJ the DJ, spinning tunes all day,

I have a really big playlist and I'm dancing the night away!

It's a dancin' party when I begin to play,

'Cause I'm CJ the DJ, doin' it my own way!

My name's CJ the DJ, I'll send your blues away!

(instrumental break)

I'm CJ the DJ, spinning tunes all day,

I'm CJ the DJ, and I know what you say!

I'm tearin' up the rug and getting down today,

'Cause I'm CJ the DJ and everyone's feelin' okay!

Yes, I'm CJ the DJ, and I'll go a long, long way!

Marsha-On the Floor

Charley-I Love Rock and Roll and Brick House

Gene-Party Like a Rock Star

Lesley-Crazy in Love


Arnis-In Da Club

Lyle-I Like To Move It

The Patel Twins-Leave It All To Me

Showbiz SeriesEdit

CJ and Janelle-I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

Lyle and Jacob-Music and Me

Marsha and Snow White-Snow White

Gene and Carol-Holiday Time

Lyle and John-A Kid's Life and Jump Rope Rock

Si and David-I'll Be Home for Christmas

Arnis and Coneybear-Magic Foot

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