She's the female version of Cool Catfish who has a smoker's rasp ala Oscar, the Grouch. She sings Leader of the Pack and Bootylicious and says 20 wisecracking phrases. She was made in 2001


1. (lifts tail and farts) I don't remember eating that bait.

2. Wanna swim with the fishes?

3. Got any tartar sauce? Ha, ha.

4. Boy, am I stuffed to the gills!

5. I'm a fish outta water.

6. Catch you later, girl.

7. (belch) I'm so embarrassed, bait always makes me gassy.

8. You lookin' at me?

9. This all sounds fishy to me.

10. So I've never heard of Catch and Release? Yeah, so what.

11. I drink like a fish.

12. Wanna have a staring contest?

13. Catch and Release, yah, right!

14. Hi, I'm...lines? Get it? Lines?

15. (lifts tail and farts) Roses are red, violets are blue, I stink like tuna and so do you.

16. Ever heard of a  fish school?

17. Oh, tartar suace!

18. Barnacles!

19. Drop me a line someday!

20. Holy mack!

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