These dolls were made to promote the DHX Showbiz on Screen movie based on the 1988 Hope Publishing musical and were made in 1998.

Clown DollsEdit

Rosie-We're The Clowns (from the movie)

Sue-A Fantasy Fills the Air (from the movie)

Ralph-Make a Friend (from the movie)

Roger-Dance, Everybody (from the movie)

Bentley-Every Little Thing in the World (from the movie)

Silly Willy-The Laughing Song is Beautiful (from the movie)

Larry-Look Out (from the movie)

Sherry-You're the One (from the movie)

Mary-It's a Miracle (from the movie)

Harry-The Best is Yet to Come (from the movie)

Elfie-Yakety Yak (novelty song)

Diddly-The Witch Doctor (novelty song)

Nellie-Purple People Eater (novelty song)

Candy-Itsy-Bitsy Teeny-Weeny Yellow Polkadot Bikini (novelty song) and I Want Candy

Tricky Dicky-Woolly Bully (novelty song)

Brea Ballerina-Fur Elise

Buster-The Hairbrush Song from Veggietales

Polly-I Love My Lips from Veggietales