These are based on the Cartoon Network program and were made in 2008


Each one plays a song and says 20 character phrases.

Numbuh 1-

Numbuh 2-

Numbuh 3-

Numbuh 4-

Numbuh 5-

Other Everyday ProductsEdit

Showbiz Numbuh 1 and Chris-Yes, Brothers Warner We

Showbiz Numbuh 2 and Red Riding Hood-A Big Bad Wolf

Showbiz Numbuh 3 and Hadley-I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

Showbiz Numbuh 3 and Jamie-Blizzard on the Way!

Showbiz Numbuh 4 and Coneybear-Pandemonium

Showbuz Numbuh 4 and Alex-Jingle Bells (same recording as Sammy Salmon)

Showbiz Numbuh 5 and Stowaway-Stowaway

Movie Numbah 3 and Elsa-Let It Go (Frozen)

Movie Numbuh 2 and the Once-ler-How Bad Can I Be? (The Lorax)

Movie Numbuh 4 and Albert-Love You Like a Love Song (How To Build a Better Boy)

Movies Numbuh 5 and Mitchie-This Is Me (Camp Rock)

Movies Numbuh 1 and Butchy-Cruisin' for a Bruisin' (Teen Beach Movie)

TV Numbuh 5 and Carly-Leave It All to Me

TV Numbuh 2 and Jake-I Can't Turn You Loose and Shout

TV Numbuh 1 and Timothy-The Welcome Song from Timothy Goes to School

TV Numbuh 4 and Drake-I Found a Way

TV Numbuh 3 and Sharon Spitz-Braceface theme song

Flashback 70s Numbuh 5-Get Down Tonight

Flashback 80s Numbuh 4-Electric Avenue

Flashback 60s Numbuh 3-Let's Twist Again

Flashback 50s Numbuh 2-Charlie Brown

Flashback 90s Numbuh 1-Living La Vida Loca