Compose Yourself - FLC Concert (4-19-2013)45:56

Compose Yourself - FLC Concert (4-19-2013)

This is Compose Yourself as a musical.

Compose Yourself

The boy and girl on the cover with cassette players are Mike (left) and Kate (right.)

These are based on the TV special and were made in 2010


1. Mike-Hello, Everybody!

2. Kate-A Mostly Mozart Morning

3. Jeanie-A Fairly Friendly Fugue

4. Dotty-UN Me from Animaniacs

5. Dean-Come Waltz With Me

6. Lou-I'll Take an Island from Animaniacs

7. Duane-Wakko's America

8. Franky-The Hello Song from Animaniacs

9. Vincent-Composers' Rap

10. Helga Mae-I'm So Sad We've No More Time Together from Animaniacs' "Yakko's World Sing-Along" VHS

11. Vincent-Several Drops of Rain from Animaniacs

Composers from the SpecialEdit

Philip Glass-the Simpsons Halloween Special's Philip Glass credits

Beethoven-Ode to Joy

Mozart-A Little Night Music

Bach-Musette (from Anna Magdalena Bach's Notebook)

Brhams-Brahms' Lullaby

Handel-The Harmonious Blacksmith

Tchachovsky-March from the Nutcracker

Holiday OnesEdit

Mike and Kate-Baby It's Cold Outside (same recording as Avon's 2007 Penguin Duet)

Jeanie-Here Comes Santa Claus

Dotty-We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Lou-Holiday Time from It's Christmas, Carol

Vincent-Jingle Bells

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