This is for any fanmade hamster ideas you have


Kat-These Boots Were Made for Walking

Latin Louis-Oye Como Va

40s Freddie-Zoot Suit Riot

Romancing Hamster Daniel-I Can't Turn You Loose

Romancing Hamster Cecilia-My Boyfriend's Back

Chester Checkers-Let's Twist Again

Classy Charlie-Charlie Brown Was a Clown

Cool Catter Carlos-Soul Man

Wild Child Walter-Wild Thing

Arianna-Side to Side

Daredevil Dan: Highway to the Danger Zone

Romancing Ramona-Dreamlover by Mariah Carey

Ronnie Romance-Bobby Darin's Dreamlover

Holly Jolly Hector-Holly Jolly Christmas

Holiday Rocker Rose-Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

Felix Navidad-Feliz Navidad

Dreamer (Male version)-Dancing in the Moonlight

Loudmouth Lonnie-Yakety Yak

Charming Casey-I Will

Anne-Annie's Song

Rockin' Roxy-Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Beach Boy Bevis-Fun Fun Fun (The one by the Beach Boys, not Cat in the Hat)

Blonde Blaire-One Way or Another

SpongeBobby-SpongeBob Theme Song

Suzie Sentiments-In My Life by the Beatles

Oceanica-Right Here Waiting for You

Big Apple Boy-New York, New York

Birthday Cake Barney-the 2 songs from Birthday Frogz

Hannah Helps-Out (Girl Scout)-Make New Friends

Dana Deeds (Daisy Scout)-I'm a Daisy Scout All Dressed in Blue (a parody of the nursery song I'm a Little Teapot)

Cubbey (Cub Scout)-Great Big Moose

Good Turn Grant (Boy Scout)-For My Hands are Strong

Rasta Ron-Lean on Me

Babe-Hey Baby

Roving Ronnie-The Way I Are

Farmer-Old McDonald (Mothercare Exclusive, by Funtime)


Ringer-Can't Buy Me Love

Pep-Yellow Submarine

Trippy Tom-I'm a Loser

Peter- Sledgehammer 

Johnny-I Want to Hold Your Hand

Georgie-A Hard Day's Night

Groovy Greg-From Me to You

Vy-Roses are Red

Sunny Jim-You Are My Sunshine

Creeper-Spiders and Snakes-He is a zombie spider.

Circuit-Bending Ben-Electric Avenue-he lights up as he sings.

Gospel Gertie-Stomp

Teary Tilly-7 Lonely Days

Hailey Happy Feet-Won't You Come Home, Bill Bailey?

Gregory-The Book of Love

Dashing Don-I Can't Take My Eyes Off of You

Joey-Cotton-Eyed Joe

Cali-California Sun

Big Band Barb (flapper)-In the Mood (special/limited edition)

Warfare Watson-Boogie-Woogie Bugle Boy

Frozen Fiona and Frank-Baby It's Cold Outside

Princess Penelope-Someday My Prince Will Come

Alien Albert-The Martian Hop

Big Butt Billy-Baby Got Back

Surfer Sabrina-Wipeout

Surfer Samuel-Surfin' USA

Soulful Samantha-I'll Be There

Black Cat-Stray Cat Strut

Easter Edith-I Can See Clearly Now

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