This is my idea for if Gemmy made more licensed character Gift Box Buddies from 2010-2013, inspired by a comment on the Gemmy wiki. 


Barney-Blue Christmas

The Grinch-You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch

Rudolph-Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Bumble-Holly Jolly Christmas

Frosty-Frosty the Snowman

Patrick Star-Last Christmas

Squidward-Wet, Wet Christmas (from the It's a Spongebob Christmas album)

Mr. Krabs-Santa Has His Eye On Me

Sandy Cheeks-Don't Be a Jerk

Mimi (Pop'n Music)-Pop'n Music 12 version of the Pop'n Xmas Medley

Nyami (Pop'n Music)-Pop'n Music 10 version of the Pop'n Xmas Medley

Alt (Pop'n Music)-Her version of Silent Night-antenna lights up instead of cheeks

Snoopy-Linus and Lucy

Charlie Brown-Christmas Time Is Here

Apple Blossom (Shopkins)-12 Days Of Christmas

Cheeky Chocolate (Shopkins)-Slow Ride

Kevin (Minions/Despicable Me (2))-a Minion language version of Mustang Alley

Stuart (Minions/Despicable Me (2))-a Minion language version of Back Door Santa

Bob (Minions/Despicable Me (2))-a minion language version of Shout

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