The Fireball Spinning Lavaman was an item released for Chirstmas 2016.


This lavaman looks very similar to the original Snowflake Spinning Snowman, except his body has a lava pattern instead of snow, he's holding 3 fireballs, his vest, hat, and base are red, and he has 2 devil horns coming out of the front of his head. When activated via push button, he sways side to side, tips his hat, he spins his fireballs which light up orange, and his body glows with a Fire and Ice effect (Red and Yellow) as he sings "Heatmiser".


-He was sold only at Walmart for $19.99.

-This was the first SSS like item released in almost 10 years.

-This was one of Gemmy's best sellers of that year.

-There was also a 2 song version that also sang "Disco Inferno" (Same recording as the Devil Frogz), and this one was only sold at K-Mart for $29.99.