These are inspired by the fanmade movie about a group of friends who start a girl group, These were released in 2015.

Flawless Songs  Edit

Kate-How We Believe

Bella- Wasted Love

Jenna- Worries

Sam- Mi$ta Mi$ta

Pop Songs  Edit

Kate- Bang Bang

Bella- A Sky Full Of Stars

Lindsey- Cool Kids

Sam- All Around The World

Jenna- Problem

Ashley- Kiss You

Others Edit

Partying Kate- All About That Bass

Partying Ashley- Girls Just Wanna HAve Fun

Partying Jenna- 22

Partying Bella- Neon Lights

Parting Sam- Dance Again

Partying Lindsey- Me and My Girls

Christmas Lindsey- All I Want For Christmas Is You

Christmas Bella- Hallelujah

Christmas Jenna- Jingle Bell Rock

Christmas Kate-Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree

Christmas Sam- This Christmas

Christmas Ashley- It's Not Christmas Without You

Flashback 40s Ashley Wiggler-She wiggles her body to "Boogie-Woogie Bugle Boy."

Flashback 50s Bella Sidestepper-She sings "Rock Around The Clock" as she sidesteps.

Flashback 60s Sam-She moves like the go-go boots as she sings "These Boots Are Made For Walking"

Flashback 70s Kate-She sings "Dancing Queen" and shifts side-to-side.

Flashback 80s Lindsey Spinner-She moves like the Movin' Monkeys to "Square Biz."

Flashback 90s Jenna-She sings "Baby One More Time" and gyrates.

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