These Gemmy Classics are human Flirty Flashers, they were made in 2005-2007

Characters Edit

Kimberly-Lets Twist Again

Robert-Same As Mooving Monkey

Yannick-Can't Help Falling In Love-he is dressed in tan board shorts and his heart reads "True Love."

Archie-Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You-he is dressed in green board shorts and his heart reads "My Dream."

Willa-Kiss Me-she is dressed in a red, orange and yellow tye-dye bikini and her heart reads "UR Kind."

Joey-Dressed in black board shorts, he moves to Slow Ride and his heart reads "You and Me."

Rick- Dressed in a black and white striped jail outfit, he moves to Locked Away and his heart reads "Prison of Love."

Josie-She wears a pink and red striped one-piece bathing suit and her heart says "Be Mine." She dances to "Crazy in Hateness"

Brad-He wears a pair of red board shorts and his heart says "U + Me = Love." He dances to "Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch."

Nancy-Clad in a purple and pink tankini, she moves to "Love You Like A Love Song" and her heart reads "XOXO."

Hector-He wears a pair of orange board shorts and his heart reads "U Rock." He dances to Whole Lotta Lovin'.

Stacey-She wears a hot pink bikini and her heart reads "Cutie Pie." She dances to No Scrubs.

Danny-He wears a pair of yellow board shorts and his heart reads "Love Me.' He dances to Bang Bang Gimme A Fart

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