This is Gemmy's classic Frogz series if they were continued.

Existing FrogzEdit

New additionsEdit

NOTE: A * symbol next to one of the Frogz means it has a moving mouth

Hip HopEdit

Talk Dirty To Me (Green and Grey) *

Baby Got Back (Green and Purple)

Confident (Pink and Green) *

Rap God (Yellow and Blue)

Honey I'm Good (Green only) *

Waterfalls (Green and Red)


Macarena (Light Blue only)

Everybody (Green only)

Zoot Suit Riot (Red in Zoot Suit only)


Don't Stop Believing (Green only)

Beat It (Green in Michael Jackson suit only) *

Billie Jean (Orange and Blue)

Walk Like An Egyptian (Green in Cleopatra costume only)

Karma Chameleon (Green with multi colored spots only) *


Stayin Alive (Green only) *

Free Bird (Yellow in bird costume only) *

Sweet Home Alabama (Red and Green) *

You Really Got Me (White only) *

Play That Funky Music (Purple in Disco outfit only) *

Bad Bad Leroy Brown (Blue and Green)


Hey Good Lookin (Orange and Green) *

Country Boy can Survive (Yellow only) *

Cruise (Green only)

Whisky River (Yellow and Red) *


Thriller (White in mummy costume only)

Monster Mash (Dark Green in Frankenstein costume only)

Somebody's Watching Me (Black in cat costume only)

Superfreak (White in Zoot Suit w/ Skeleton mask only)

It's Halloween Time (Orange in pumpkin costume only)

Spooky Scary Skeletons (White in skeleton costume only)


Jingle Bell Rock (Dark Green only)

Little Saint Nick (Light Green only) *

Blue Christmas (Green in Elvis Costume only)

Santa Clause is Coming to Town (Green in Santa costume only)

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer (Brown in Reindeer costume only)

Frosty the Snowman (White in snowman costume only)

Silent Night (Green in Angel costume only)

Feliz Navidad (Green in Mexican costume only) *

Valentines DayEdit

Bang Bang (Pink only)

Tainted Love (Pink with black spots only)

Hey Soul Sister (Red with roses only)  *

Cupid Shuffle (Pink in Cupid costume only) *

Why Do Fools Fall in Love (Red in dress only) 

Bad Case of Loving you (White in doctor costume only)


Easter Spoof of "Big Bopper" (White in bunny costume only) *

Singing in the Rain (Green and Purple in raincoat)

You Are My Sunshine (Yellow only)

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