These are fanmade addons to the popular Grave Raver Series.

Existing Grave Ravers Edit'_ravers

New versions Edit

Zombie-Forget You

Cartoon Zombie-Extended version of "Thriller".

Kid Devil-Disco Inferno

Witch- I'll Put A Spell On You

Cartoon Witch- Black Magic Woman

Werewolf- Clap For the Wolfman

Werewolf (Licensed Universal Edition)- Werewolves of London

Skeleton (Blood red bones and light up eyes)-Bad to the Bone

Skeleton (Rockstar version)- Move it On Over

Vampire-In the Midnight Hour

Boogie Man- I'm Your Boogie Man

Frankenstein- Halloween spoof of "We Like to Party".

Frankenstein (Licensed Universal Edition) One Way Or Another

Ghost (Black version)-Ghostbusters

Headless Horseman (Pumpkin Head version)- It's Halloween Time

Headless Horseman (No Head version)- I ain't got Nobody

Purple People Eater- Purple People Eater