These figures were made to promote the fanmade DHX sequel, Groove Squad 2: Operation G.O.O.D.W.I.L.L., they were made in 2015.


Chrissy-she lights up red and plays a musical composition of We Got the Beat.

Ping-she lights up blue and plays a musical composition of All Star.

Babe-the redheaded male hippie with the Austin Powers voice plays Soul Bossa Nova.

Sonny-the blonde male hippie plays San Francisco.

Misty-the Afro-American female hippie plays Dancing in the Street.

Flashback 80s Chrissy-she screams and gets electrocuted to Electric Avenue.

Flashback 90s Ping-Everybody Dance Now

Flashback 60s Mack-Wooly Bully

Flashback 50s Stacy-At the Hop

Flashback 40s Roxanne-Boogie-Woogie Bugle Boy

Stacy-Get This Party Started

Roxanne-Hot Hot Hot


Showbiz Ping and Joanie-Time for Toons

Showbiz Chrissy and Redbeard-Pirates All Are We

Showbiz Babe and Johnathan-Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

Showbiz Sonny and Chris-There Is a Ghost

Showbiz Misty and Olive-My Friend, the Dictionary

Showbiz Stacy and Lori-I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day

Showbiz Roxanne and Ellen-We Haz Jazz

Holiday Chrissy-Jingle Bell Rock

Holiday Ping-All I Want for Christmas is You

Holiday Babe-Little Saint Nick

Holiday Sonny-Holly-Jolly Christmas

Holiday Roxanne-Santa Baby

Holiday Stacy-I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day

Holiday Misty-Santa Claus is Coming to Town (same recording as the Holly Dolly Christmas Tree by Gemmy)

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