These dolls are a spinoff Groovy Girl collection, and was made in 2013


Reese and Olive-My Friend, the Dictionary

O'Ryan and Chip-Pandemonium

Phoebe and Betty-Let's Jam!

Petula and Cindy-I'm Old Enough to Sing the Blues

Pilar and Pilar (from Legally Blonde)-A clean version of Positive

Savanna and Ella Fitzgerald-Up the Mississippi

Selia and Bob-Hobo Swing

Vanessa and Sylvia-Santa Claus is Coming To Town

Oki and Noella-Sleigh Ride

Yvette and Molly-I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas

Shayla, Fairy Godmother, Snoozy, Prof and Granny-The Granny Awards

Lourdes and Snow White-Snow White

Lucy and the Mouse Kids-Hickory Dickory Dock Clocks

Lexi and the 3 Pig Rappers-Big Bad Wolf

Lupe, Scott and Andrea-Jingle Bell Rock

Liza and Pauletta Jones-When Santa Claus Gets Your Letter

Zarah, Steffie and Raquele Jones-Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Bobby Bergman and Ziggy-I'm a Snowman (a "Soul Man" parody)-Ziggy is dressed in a Blues Brother's outfit.

Zane and Miss Deborah Marscapone-Santa's Lying Underneath the Sleigh ( Deborah talks (before singing her song,) Zane interacts with her.


Deborah: Hey you! Have you seen Santa Claus?

Zane: Yes, ma'am.

Deborah: You know, that plump, little guy with the long white beard?

Zane: Yeah.

Deborah: All his reindeer are lookin' for him!

Zane: He's underneath the sleigh!

Deborah: What do you mean, he's under the sleigh?

Zane: Uh-oh, sounds like the cue for a song!

Deborah: Don't look at me...

(the two talk and sing the song.)

Susie McGinty and Sidra-We Hope You Have A Merry Christmas

Siri and Miss Clara-Belle-All I Want for Christmas Is You

Shika and Beep-We Are Santa's Elves

Sesilia and Bumble (From Miss Pauletta's Holiday Hoedown)-Holly-Jolly Christmas

Maddy Broder and Sarita-Svivon

Solana and Schwarzy-Woe is Me

The 2 Kaylas-Away in a Manger

Kinzey and Little Red-the opening number from Into the Woods

Kelsey and Vice Principle Panch (Panch is a girl like in the kids version of Putnam County)-The Rules

Kendra and Tommy Tinsel-A Village-People-disco-rock-like version of Oh Christmas Tree

Karly and Cinderella-Sneeze Polka

Kami and Mozart-Hello, Everybody and the composers' sung introductions

Jayna and Bach-A Fairly Friendly Fugue

The 2 Jordans-a Stomp-like version of We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Jacinda and Brahms-the opening credits' music from Compose Yourself, the Fantasy Film (before the opening dialogue and Hello, Everybody) (

Jada and Stacy-a Blues Brothers version of Winter Wonderland

Josie and Coneybear-I'm Not That Smart

Janisse and Jen-SpearNana

Carissa and Peter Pan-I've Gotta Crow

Cicely and Barfee-Magic Foot

Britta and Britt-Stinky Kids Theme Song

Bindi and Al-Sleeping on the Floor This Christmas

Brenna and Cali-Run, Run Rudolph

Celeste and Sis Julie-Martha Stewart's song

(All-American) Vanessa and Aunty June-Slippers Again for Christmas

British Verity and Matilda-Miracle

Canadian Victoria and Wendy-The song "Wendy" from Peter Pan

Roxette and Rose-We Haz Jazz!

Rayannah and John (Peter Pan)-Following the Leader

Trissa and Tiger Lily-Ug-a-Bug

Itsy Bitsy Spider and Trini-Squirm

Cadence and Candace-Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Camilla and Elizabeth-Hot Chocolate

Chelsi and Cousin Cora-Sleeping on the Floor

Connor and CC-Will The Real Santa Claus Please Stand Up?

Corbin and Hayley-I Love My Locker

Tamsen and Camille-Let It Snow

Thora and Christian-Ready, Set, Snow!

Tamae and Simon-Bring on the Snow!

Inga and Tinkerbell-Never Never Land

Inez and Miss Mahoney (Putnam)-Prayer Of The Comfort Counselor

Iku and Major-General Stanley (Pirates of Penzance)-The Major-General's Song

Izzie and Davey (Newsies)-Seize the Day

Isadora and Lauren-Cafeteria Confusion

Natalya and Bielke-Tradition (Fiddler on the Roof)

Nanette and Captain Hook-Captain Hook's Waltz

Nicole and Tevye-If I Was a Rich Man (Fiddler on the Roof)

Talli and Rosie (Bye Bye Birdie)-A Healthy, Normal, American Boy

Tomiko and Miss Rona Peretti-My Favorite Moment of the Bee

Tegan and Avery-Down at the Twist and Shout

Tessa and Tex-Sweet Home Chicago

Robyn and Ima-The Perfect Hat for Me

Renee and Mark-Let's Party

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