These products were made to promote the classic Nicktoon and movie since their launch in 1998.

Beat Boppers (made in 1998) Edit

They move like the bears.

Arnold-Love Potion Number Nine

Rhonda-Beat It

Helga-Summer Nights

Lila-Doo Wah Diddy Diddy

Sheena-Crocodile Rock

Gerald-Rapper's Delight

Phoebe-Twist and Shout

Hip Swingers (made in 1999) Edit

Hip-Swinging Arnold-When You're Smiling

Hip-Swinging Helga-Beat It

Hip-Swinging Gerald-Old Time Rock & Roll

Life-Size Characters (made in 2002) Edit

Life-Size Arnold-Beat It

Life-Size Helga-Dancing in the Street (since Hey Arnold is set in a city)

Life-Size Gerald-Rapper's Delight

Life-Size Lila-Walking on Sunshine

Big Heads (made in 2001)Edit

Arnold-It's Not Unusual and messages

Helga-phrases and Le Freak

Gerald-Phrases and Get Down Tonight

Phoebe-Phrases and When Life Gives You Lemons

Eugene-Keep Your Sunny Side Up and Phrases

Rockin' Ones (made in 2002)Edit

They move like Spike the Rocking Porcupine.

Arnold-Do Wah Diddy Diddy

Helga-We Got the Beat

Gerald-Old Time Rock and Roll

Phoebe-I Love Rock and Roll

Sheena-Doing the Sponge

Rhonda-Brick House

Nadine-Born to Handjive

Sid-Rock and Roll All Night

Dangling Dancers (made in 2003) Edit


Arnold-Hippy Hippy Shake


Gerald-Get Ready for This

Helga in Go-Go Boots-These Boots Are Made for Walking

Arnold in Loafers-Let's Twist Again

Phoebe in Blue Suit-Brick House

Fifi in Swimsuit-Vacation

Groovin' Ones (made from 2002-2004)Edit

These move like the Groovin' Ghouls.

Arnold-Rubber Biscuit



Nadine-I Will Survive

Sheena-The Electric Slide

Rhonda-Hot Hot Hot

Phoebe-Let's Get Loud

Sid-Gonna Make You Sweat

TV Ones (made in 2005) Edit

Arthur and Arnold-The Arthur Theme Song (

Helga and Zoey-Follow Me

Olga and Coconut Fred-the theme song to Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island

Gerald and Drake-I Found a Way

Brainy and Fonzie-Happy Days

Danny and Sheena-Come On, Get Happy!

Showbiz OnesEdit

Showbiz Arnold, Fred and Joe-Old Enough to Sing The Blues

Showbiz Helga and Sweepstakes-Ashes to Ashes

Showbiz Gerald and Raymond-Twist and Shout

Showbiz Phoebe and Sebastian-Over the River

Showbiz Lila and Kerry-It's Saturday

Showbiz Rhonda and Katie-Stand by Me

Showbiz Sheena and Ashton-Santa Baby

Showbiz Sandy and Camille-Bring On The Snow!

Showbiz Earl and Coneybear-I'm Not That Smart

Showbiz Brainy and Joey-Get in the Game

Showbiz Sid and Johnny-It's Not If You Win and Goal

Showbiz Nadine and Lacy-a Macarena-like version of Holly Jolly Christmas

Memorable Moments (based on Hey Arnold! episodes)Edit

"Phoebe's Little Problem" Phoebe Farting Statue-When you walk by her, she makes the same farting sound from the episode.

"Cool Party" Arnold, Stinky and Sid-YMCA

"Helga's Show" Helga on Stage-20 great songs:

1. Hello Everybody

2. When the Circus Comes to Town

3. Tomorrow

4. Sing a Song

5. Go, Go, Go Joseph

6. Any Dream Will Do

7. My Favourite Things

8. Who Wants to Be The Ringmaster?

9. Yes, We Have No Bananas

10. Everybody Loves Somebody

11. That's Amore

12. Cheek to Cheek

13. Ride of Brunhelga

14. I Speak Six Languages

15. Pandemonium

16. I Ain't Got Nobody

17. Rockin' Robin

18. Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah

19. Do Wah Diddy Diddy

20. So Long, Everybody

"Helga's Parrot" Helga and her Parrot-Animal Crackers in My Soup plays as they move like the Dancing Scarecrow from Wizard of Oz.

"Summer Love" Lila, Helga and Arnold-Summer Nights from Grease

"Eugene, Eugene" Eugene and Rhonda-When Life Gives You Lemons

"Haunted Train" Arnold and Gerald-Arnold plays his harmonica while Gerald sin gs the Haunted Train Blues.

"Arnold's Halloween" Arnold and Gerald-The Midnight Hour

"Arnold's Christmas" Arnold, Helga, Rhonda, Phoebe and Gerald-We Hope You Have a Merry Christmas and Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

"Eugene's Pet" Harmonica Player Arnold-He plays harmonica to Shenandoah.

"Longest Monday" Arnold and Gerald-Sharp-Dressed Man

"Big Bob Crisis" Helga and Olga-Awesomely Bad Time from the Backyardigans

"Back to School" Arnold-I'm in a Daze from School Daze

"Egg Story" Arnold and Helga-Devil in Disguise

"Wheezin' Ed" Gerald-Just a Gigolo

"Beaned" Helga-I'm a Loser

"The Journal" Arnold and Helga-Stupid Cupid

"It Girl" Helga-Walk Away from HSM

"Ms. Perfect" Lila-Don't Cha

"Rhonda's Glasses" Rhonda-I Only Have Eyes for You

"Phoebe Skips" Phoebe-Text Anxiety from Mighty Minds

"Love and Cheese" Gloria-That's Amore

80s Ones (made in Spring 2004) Edit

80s Arnold-Whip it

80s Helga-Maniac

80s Rhonda-Mony Mony

80s Stinky-Sunglasses at Night

80s Gerald-My Sharona

80s Lila-Walking on Sunshine

80s Earl-Square Biz

80s Brainy-Vacation

80s Sid-We Built this City

Motown Ones (made in Summer 2004) Edit

Motown Arnold-Sugar Pie Honey Bunch

Motown Helga-Dancing in the Street

Motown Gerald-My Girl

Motown Phoebe-Love Machine (same recording as hamster)

Motown Lila-Yakety Yak and Stop In The Name of Love

Motown Earl-For Once in my Life

Motown Rhonda-You're My First, My Last, My Everything

Motown Stinky-Ring Ring Goes the Bell

Motown Brainy-The Same Old Song

Motown Olga-Mr. Postman

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