The Lifesized animated Boris the Wolf is an item made by Gemmy in 2017

Description Edit

Boris stands at 7' 2", he's on a black base with a purple button and he's holding a clarinet. When activated via push button, motion sensor, or sound, Boris moves his head, mouth, and moves his arm holding the clarinet as he says 7 phrases and sings "Hey There Little Red Riding Hood"

Trivia Edit

-He was sold at Spencers Gifts and Halloween Express for $229.99

-Boris is the tallest lifesize, if not the tallest lifesize Gemmy has ever made

-He had to be recalled and rereleased due to the original model had an issue with the poles, preventing him from standing at his full 7' 2" height, and more at a mere 5' 7"

Boris the wolf batim by gisselle50-db5zj0o