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Art by gisselle50.

This life-sized talking and music playing Boris the Wolf is 7 foot tall. He is the tallest Halloween prop in the BATIM life-sized series. He speaks in 7 phrases. All of the recorded phrases for Boris are voiced by a YouTube user named Dark Box. This entertaining wolf plays a very delightful song on his clarinet. But soon, the cheery song slows down in 13 seconds of the song to fit the creepy atmosphere in.

Fanmade "Gemmy" Idea by TinyGoatGirl57.

Bendy and the Ink Machine belongs to TheMeatly Games.


  1. Gemmy Industries confirms that Boris took a very long time to make, and he had to be announced the day after the other props were made and ready to go.
  2. Boris was available and not available in Hot Topic stores because of how hard he was to be put up on display. Knowing this, they kept the display ones in the packaging or the stores because they were too small to be stocked in the huge boxes.
  3. One of Spirit Halloween's displays is called "Werewolf Club". The display features props of wolf characters, including Boris.
Boris the wolf batim by gisselle50-db5zj0o

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