They were made from 2014-2016.


Scrumpy- Bodge-I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing Misty- Splatter-


DJ Quack- Peppy- Professor Purplex-


Pinestein: Pro. Heff: pizmo:


  • Furnando-
  • O'Really-Come On Eileen
  • Penny-
  • Tingaling-


  • Snookums-Walk the Dinosaur
  • Gurgle-
  • Pooky-Eggshells
  • Doris-


  • Mr. Snoodle-Do The Doodle
  • Gigi-
  • Angel-Where are the Ponies?
  • Priscilla-Anniversary Waltz

Valentine's DayEdit

Cuties: Bubbly-The Tide is High Chirpy-Knock on Wood Weegul-Do You Believe In magic

Legends: Mrs. Snoodle-I Think I Love You Troy- King Brian-Love Machine

Mythies: Scarlet O Haira and SHambles Duo-I Got You Babe Long BEard- Jessie-

Smilies: Fuddy- Grinny- Tiamo-Love is All Around

Friendlies: Taco-Happy together Conifer-I Will Bee-How Sweet It Is Raindrop-Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head Cloud-Singing in the Rain Mouse-You light Up My life Mountain-This Land Is Your Land Tree-Let It Be Me

Beasties: Burnie-Burning Love Shishi- Jeepers-Jeepers Creepers Humphrey-The Hicko Sleeps Tonight (Lion Sleeps spoof)

Nicknacks: Mitzi- Peeps-Word Up and Modern Major General Doyle- Topsy Turvy-

RoxStars: Bobbi Singsong- Zack Binspin- Ziggy-

Secrets: Roxy- BLingo- Baby Rox- Dustbin BEaver-

Techies: Wurley- Holga-Freeze Frame Gabby-

techies 2.0:

Micro Dave- Cosmo-




SPookies: Squidge-This is Halloween Ecto- Kissy- Big Bad Bill-Witch Doctor

Yuckies: Jarvis-Addams Family Theme (sae recording from musical eye) Twaddle-Right Round Lurgee-Sneeze Polka Slurpy-I Ain't GOt Nobody (same recording as Joe Blow with burps)


Frosties: Willow-Winter WOnderland and The Most WOnderful Time of THe Year Otto-Here Comes Santa CLaus Darwin-North pole North pole (New York New York parody)

Snowies: Leo and Gracie Duo-Baby it's COld Outside TOmba-Tomba the WIstful Snowtot (melts to this Frosty the Snowman Parody) Wooly-

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