These are based on an MGA doll line and was made in 2011




Melrose-a clean version of Fancy

Tristen-Hit the Lights

Anna-Something to Dance For


Gavin-Blurred Lines


Motown Arizona-I Heard It Through the Grapevine

Motown Bijou-Do You Love Me?

Motown Melrose-My Girl

Motown Tristen-Mr. Postman

Motown Anna-ABC 123

Motown Leigh-Love Machine

Motown Gavin-For Once In My Life

Shoiwbiz Arizona and Jacob-It's a Melody

Showbiz Melrose and Fran-Let's Jam

Showbiz Tristen and Carol-The Grumpiest Elf In Town

Showbiz Bijou and Marty-The Telephone Operators' March

Showbiz Leigh and Ashley-Winter Wonderland

Showbiz Gavin and Coneybear-Magic Foot

Showbiz Anna and Shelby-a holiday version of Rawhide

Flashback 50s Arizona-Yakety Yak

Flashback 60s Tristen-You Better Knock on Wood and Stand By Me

Flashback 70s Bijou-Get Down Tonight

Flashback 80s Melrose-We Got the Beat

Flashback 90s Anna-Jump Around

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