These were made by Gemmy in 2000


Pet Party Patty-What's New, Pussycat?

Baby Party Jenny-Baby Mine

Costume Party Cathy-

Pony Party Emily and Billy-Rawhide

Ice Cream Party Katie-Ice Ice Baby

Beach Party Sandy-Vacation

Bowling Party Tina-Bowling Down at Memory Lanes from Get in the Game

Dance Party Kristy-Shake Your Groove Thing and I Will Survive

Gymnastics Party Jeanie-Na Na Na Na Hey Hey-She wears the same leotard in the photo.

Make-Up Party Molly-Lip Gloss

Princess Party Penny-From a Distance

Winter Party Cindy-Baby It's Cold Outside

Bridal Party Bethany-Future's So Bright

Hollywood Party Holly-Glamorous

Luau Party Lola-Surfing USA

Pretty Pet Party Kay-Puppy Love

Pretty Princess Party Priscilla-Between the Lines by the Pop Dreamers

Pretty Baby Party Lea-Baby Love

Surprise Party Susie-Get This Party Started

Anniversary Party Annette-When You're Smiling

Beach Party Angela-Hit the Beach from I Need a Vacation

Holiday Party Carol-Hark the Herald Angels Sing

Pizza Party Penelope-That's Amore

Slumber Party Frannie-Slumber Party Tonight from It's Saturday

Easter Party Emma-Easter Parade and Peter Cottontail

Pool Party Pamela-Wipeout

Summer Party Zarah-HeatWave by Martha and the Vandellas