These are based on the Ganz toys and they were made in cooperation with Ganz and released in 2012. Each one comes with a code to unlock a Zing in Amazing World.

Oakley the Horse-On the Road Again

Mia the Cat-What's New, Pussycat?

Leona Lion-The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Chase the Dog-Shaggy Dog Bop by Nancy Faber

Simona the Monkey-The Monkey Song from Animaniacs

Savannah the Elephant-An Elephant Walks Like This and That

Portia Pig-Hey Good Lookin'

Hope the Rabbit-Do You Believe in magic?

Lily the Frog-A Groovy kind of Love

Leesha the Dog-Love Hurts

Asia the Panda-Rhythm of Nature

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