This is a fan-made MGA-Gemmy line made from 2012-2014. Each Novi Star plays a cosmic song!

Characters Edit

Mae Tallick-Novi Stars Theme Song

Alie Lectric-E.T. by Katy Perry

Ari Roma-The Martian Hop

Una Verse-You're the One Who's Out of this World

Nita Light-Somebody's Watching Me

Malie Tasker-Manic 

Tula Toned-Ray of Light

Sila Clops-Purple People Eater

CiCi Thru-Let's Twist Again

Gail Lexi-Funkytown

Mimi Merize-I Put A Spell On You

Vera Tabray-Black Magic Woman

Tilly Vision-Video Killed The Radio Star

Roe Botik-These Boots Were Made for Walking

Ina Ferna-Canned Heat, Hot Stuff and Fire

Anne Arctic-Baby It's Cold Outside and Ice, Ice Baby

Meti Tallick-Electric Avenue

Orbit Beach Alie-California Sun

Orbit Beach Una-Wipeout

Orbit Beach Ari-Surfin' Bird

Orbit Beach Mae-Hot Hot Hot

Justina Hour-Shine Supernova by Cody Simpson

Doe A. Deer-Do-Re-Mi (since the song is aka Do/Doe, A Deer)

Frostina Sprinkles-Sugar, Sugar

Carmela Sweet-How Sweet It Is

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