These were released in 2017 to promote the new fashion doll line and their merchandise, as well their music series.

Dolls Edit

Everyday Connie-Wild Thing

Everyday Penny-Love Train

Everyday Eric-Hands Up

Everyday Roger-Rocking Robin

Everyday Crystal-ABC by the Jackson 5

Everyday Sean-All Star

Everyday Billy-Twist Again

Everyday Dolly-Splish Splash

Everyday Roxy-I Love Rock n Roll

Everyday Tia-Honey Honey

Everyday Samantha-Take a Chance On Me

The Party LineEdit

These were released for special occasions.

Caroling Connie and Penny Wireless Infrared Duet-We Wish You A Merry Christmas and Deck the Halls

Snowy Day Billy and Dolly-Jingle Bells

Birthday Crystal and Sean-Gotta Have Cake (spoof of Gotta Have Faith by George Michaels)

Halloween Roger and Eric-Monster Mash

Easter is Surprising! Roxy and Tia-Were You There?, Blessed Be The Name and He Is Lord

Christmas Baker Samantha-Susie Snowflake

Holidogs Magic Mike and Curly Fleece Poodle-No Place Like Home for the Holidays

Friendship CollectionEdit

Connie and Penny Bobbysoxers-We Go Together

Hand in Hand Roger and Eric-Going to be Okay

Love Tunnel Crystal and Sean-I Hope There's a Hero

Roxy and Tia Lovebirds-Everybody Likes Spaghetti

Samantha Walking her Curly Fleece Poodle-The New 30 Days Has September

Swingset Billy, Dolly and Magic Mike-The Rainbow Song

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