A custom series made in 2011-2013

Series 1 2011-2012Edit

Karate- Kung Fu fighting

Birthday Brad- happy birthday

Victor Valentine- what is love

Grandmaster Blaster-rockafeller shank

Fat albert- fat albert theme

Uncle sammy- Yankee doodle (rubber)

Garry Get Well- dont worry be happy (rubber)

Birthday girl-Party all the time

NASCAR- Bad to the bone

Dapper Dan- Putting on the ritz

Harold D. Panda-Hot hot hot

Jimbo-Limbo rock

Mountie Max-O Canada

Series 2- March 2012- August 2012Edit

Fox- What does the fox say (zoo atlanta exclusive) (RARE)

Uncle si- phrases, sharp dressed man, Legs

Nanako- turning japanese

Beyonce- Crazy in Love

Chick- Chicken dance

Toga- Shout

Fly Guy- hooked on a feelling

Randy The Rockin Panda- Great balls of fire

Panda Pat- Butterfly Lovers (Japan And China Exclusive)

Rocky The Roaring Panda- Roaring Sounds (China Exclusive)

Tony Valentino-Love Potion No. 9

Series 3 September 2012- April 2013Edit

Witch- Evil Ways

(Beatle Mania) Over the Hill- Birthday

30th birthday- Birthday

Pilot- Gun sounds and phrases

NFL Quarterpanda- Rock And Roll Part 2

(Beatle Mania) Groovy Guy- Yellow Submarine

(Beatle Mania) The Sandman- Hard Day's Night

(Beatle Mania) Movie Mike- Act Naturally

Frankie-Da da da

Series 4: January 2013-July 2013Edit

Andi Panda-Glamourous

Cheery Chick (a cheerleader)-Mickey

Electro-Electric Avenue

Christmas Chris-Jingle Bell Rock

Rad Randy-Wipeout

Tom Turk- Young Turks

U.S. Army Soldier- Proud To Be A American

U.S. Navy Corps- Anchors Away