These are based of a 2010 fanmade TV show called Paris Academy.

Basic Dolls Edit

These were made in 2010. Each says 10 character phases.

Skye: Paris Academy Theme Song

Ally: The Sweet Escape

Gwen-Play My Music (from Camp Rock)

Luka: Blinded Me With Science

Amber: Clumsy by Fergie

Jasmine: Getcha Head in the Game (from High School Musical)

Serene: Crazy in Love

Yvette: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Angelique: Glamorous

Partying Ones Edit

These were created in 2015 to celebrate the show having been on the air for OVER 5 years.

Partying Skye: Start The Party (from Camp Rock)

Partying Ally: DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love

Partying Gwen: Gonna Make You Sweat

Parting Jasmine: Macarena

Partying Amber: U Can't Touch This

Partying Serene: BO$$

Partying Luka: Harlem Shake

Partying Yvette: Get This Party Started

Partying Angelique: Party Rock Anthem

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