These motionettes and plush were made from 1998-2001.

Motionettes Edit

Their heads and arms move side-to-side.

Everyday Pepper Ann-The theme song

Everyday Milo-That's Life

Everyday Nicky-I Swear

Everyday Moose-

Holiday Pepper Ann-All I Want for Christmas Is You

Holiday Milo-Mr. Grinch (full version from WB Dance Set 8 CD, with professional vocalists) plays as he does the dance from WB Dance Series Set 8.

Holiday Moose-My 2 Front Teeth

Hip SwingersEdit

Pepper Ann-Peppermint Twist

Milo-The Twist

Rubber DancersEdit

Pepper Ann-her theme song

Milo-Let's Twist Again

Plush Edit


Pepper Ann-Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

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