These are based on the children's books. Each character plays a rockin' tune!

Fairies and GirlsEdit

Storm the Lightning Fairy-Rock You Like a Hurricane-base lights up white as she moves like the Grave Ravers

Rachel and Kirsty-So Much in Common by Judy and David-heads bob as they move side to side

Morgan the Midnight Fairy-The Midnight Hour

Lexi the Firefly Fairy-You Light Up My Life

Ava the Sunset Fairy-Sunrise, Sunset

Zara the Starlight Fairy-Sweet Dreams, Baby

Nia the Night Owl Fairy-Somebody's Watching Me

Anna the Moonbeam Fairy-Angel of the Morning

Sabrina the Sweet Dreams Fairy-Dream a Little Dream

Ally the Dolphin Fairy-Right Here Waiting for You

Amelie the Seal Fairy-Little Seal Girl from As Told by Ginger

Pia the Penguin Fairy-Putting on the Ritz

Tess the Sea Turtle Fairy-Summer Wind

Stephanie the Starfish Fairy-Beyond the Sea

Whitney the Whale Fairy-Part of Your World

Courtney the Clownfish Fairy-Courtney from As Told By Ginger

Cherry the Cake Fairy-Cupid Shuffle

Melodie the Music Fairy-

Grace the Glitter Fairy-Blow by Ke$ha

Honey the Candy Fairy-Sugar, Sugar

Polly the Party Fun Fairy-Start the Party from Camp Rock

Phoebe the Fashion Fairy-Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Jasmine the Present Fairy-Birthday by Katy Perry

Helena the Horse Riding Fairy-A Horse Is A Horse

Stacey the Soccer Fairy-We Are The Champions

Brittany the Basketball Fairy-Give Me That Ball from Zoey 101

Samantha the Swimming Fairy-The Tide is High

Alice the Tennis Fairy-All Star

Gemma the Gymnastics Fairy-twirls hula-hoops around her arms, legs and waist to Mickey

Harpist Maya-plays harp to Fur Elise

Guitarist Ellie-plays guitar to You Shook Me All Night Long and Bohemian Rhapsody as she lights up and projects yellow guitar plectrums.

Pianist Poppy-plays piano to The Entertainer

Flutist Fiona-plays flute to Bellybutton from Veggietales

Drummer Danni-drums to We're Not Gonna Take It

Violinist Victoria-plays violin to God Help the Outcasts and lights up blue

Saxophonist Sadie-plays saxophone to Surrender and When the Saints Go Marching In

Joy the Summer Vacation Fairy-Vacation

Olympia the Games Fairy-Bing Bang from Lazytown plays as she does acrobatics.

Ballet Bethany-Waltz of the Flowers

Disco Jade-Disco Inferno and Celebration-moves like Big Heads, lighting up green as well

Rock Rebecca-Rock Around the Clock, Let's Twist Again and These Boots Are Made for Walking

Tap-Dance Tasha-

Ice Dance Isabelle-Skaters' Waltz

Serena the Salsa Fairy-La Bamba

Ella the Rose Fairy-Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Danielle the Daisy Fairy-I Can See Clearly Now

Olivia the Orchid Fairy-Chim-Chim-Cher-Ee

Charlotte the Sunflower Fairy-You Are My Sunshine

Louise the Lily Fairy-High Hopes

Pippa the Poppy Fairy-Over the Rainbow

Tia the Tulip Fairy-Tiptoe Through the Tulips

Megan the Monday Fairy-Manic Monday

Tara the Tuesday Fairy-Happy Days

Willow the Wednesday Fairy-

Thea the Thursday Fairy-

Felicity the Friday Fairy-It's Friday

Sienna the Saturday Fairy-Saturday Night by the Bay City Rollers play as light pink suns light up on her.

Sarah the Sunday Fairy-Grooving on a Sunday Afternoon

Bella the Bunny Fairy-The Bunny Dance from Fanboy and Chum Chum

Georgia the Guinea Pig Fairy-The Devil Went Down to Georgia

Harriet the Hamster Fairy-The Hamster Dance

Katie the Kitten Fairy-What's New, Pussycat?

Lauren the Puppy Fairy-Puppy Love



Amber the Orange Fairy-Annie's Song

Sunny the Yellow Fairy-I Can See Clearly Now

Ruby the Red Fairy-The Rainbow Connection

Fern the Green Fairy-Sing a Song

Sky the Blue Fairy-Pocketful of Sunshine

Inky the Indigo Fairy-Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Heather the Violet Fairy-From A Distance

Crystal the Snow Fairy-Let it Snow



Goldie the Sunshine Fairy-Walking On Sunshine

Evie the Mist Fairy-Dancing in the Moonlight


Juliet the Valentine Fairy-Only You and That's Amore

India the Moonstone Fairy-Less Than Jake's punk version of the Laverne and Shirley theme song

Scarlett the Garnet Fairy-

Emily the Emerald Fairy-

Amy the Amethyst Fairy-

Sophie the Sapphire Fairy-

Lucy the Diamond fairy-Diamonds by Rihanna

Belle-Get This Party Started and Celebration

Destiny the Rock Star Fairy-Hit Me With Your Best Shot and One Way or Another

Trixie the Halloween Fairy-Evil Ways

Gabriella the Snow Kingdom Fairy-Let It Snow


Flora the Dress-Up Fairy-Who Will I Be

Emma the Easter Fairy-Easter Parade

Paige the Christmas Play Fairy-I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

Shannon the Ocean Fairy-Sitting On The Dock of the Bay

Stella the Star Fairy-

Cara the Camp Fairy-John Jacob Jingle Heimer, Princess Pat, and Alice the Camel

Kylie the Carnival Fairy-Entry of the Gladiators

Holly the Christmas Fairy-The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, Joy to the World and Holly Jolly Christmas

Luna the Loom Band Fairy-Happy by Pharrell Williams

Hannah the Happy Ever After Fairy-Life's What You Make It



Alexandra the Royal Baby Fairy-Baby Love

Georgie the Royal Prince Fairy-Gold crowns light up as she plays Rule Britannia.

Addison the April Fool's Day Fairy-She has light pink glitter and light pink stars light up as she plays a collection of jokes.

Tamara the Tooth Fairy-Smile by Charlie Chaplin

Angelica the Angel Fairy (holiday)-multicolor fiberoptic wings move and light up to Silent Night (except she sings "silent night" twice instead of "silent night, holy night"), Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas and Away in a Manger.

Lila and Myla Duet-Lila's dark pink heart lights up and Myla's light pink heart lights up as they sing a duet of "Unforgettable."

Tilly the Teacher Fairy-School's Out for Summer and ABC by the Jackson Five

Cheryl the Christmas Tree Fairy-Oh Christmas Tree

Jolie the Jewellery-Making Fairy-My Heart Belongs to Daddy

Leah the Theatre Fairy-the Bill Bailey song

Madison the Magic Show Fairy-I Put a Spell On You, Black Magic Woman, Do You Believe in Magic and Every Little Thing She Does is Magic

Alesha the Acrobat fairy-

Amelia the Singing Fairy-Sing a Song and Teach the World to Sing

Darcey the Dance Diva fairy-Hippie Hippie Shake, Jailhouse Rock and the Locomotion-sways and spins on base-sound activated. Her base has her green, blue, yellow and orange feather symbols around it.

Isla the Ice Star Fairy-

Taylor the Talent Show Fairy-Exceptional from A.N.T. Farm

Caitlin the Ice Bear Fairy-Ice Ice Baby

Erin the Firebird Fairy-the Firebird classical music composition

Leona the Unicorn Fairy-Unicorns R Real by Kookoo Kangaroo

Sophia the Snow Swan Fairy-Swan Lake

Rihanna the Seahorse Fairy-Umbrella

Lara the Black Cat Fairy-Black Magic Woman and What's New, Pussycat?

Ashley the Dragon Fairy-Burning Love and Fire

Vanessa the Choreographer Fairy-I Like to Move It and Sneakernight

Adele the Voice Fairy-Rolling In The Deep and Someone Like You

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