Rise-Ups are a series of dancing, singing dolls which sway side-to-side and rise up to increase in height while moving their mouths. Some gyrate in a figure 8 motion instead of swaying, they were made in 2010. 

Teen TitansEdit

Jinx-I'll Put A Spell On You

Starfire-Like A Virgin

Blackfire-Party Like A Rockstar

Kole-Superfreak (Very Spooky Girl version)

Quarterback Terra-Rock and Roll Part 2

Beast Boy-Wild Thing

Robin-Old Time Rock and Roll


Cyborg-Rapper's Delight

Kitten-Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Bumblebee-No Scrubs and Funkytown

Argent-I've Got the Power

Groovy GirlsEdit

Ailene-I Will Follow Him

Sylvie Starr (Holiday)-Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire

Kinzey-Bust A Move

Leticia-Come On, Get Happy

Sarita-Material Girl

Sesilia-Give Up The Funk

Cadence-Crazy in Love



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