These are based on the fanamde Nicktoon and were made in 2016


Each one plays 2 songs. They are 14" tall and all move differently.

Sandra-the theme song and Jungle Boogie-moves like Eager Edgar the Groovin' Elephant

Avery-Bad Case of Loving You and Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu-moves like My Sharona Frogz

Pat-How Sweet It Is and Sugar by Maroon 5-moves like Monster Maniacs

Molly-Physical (she loves gymnastics) and Tutti Frutti-moves her arms and walks around

Steven-Greased Lightning and Lowrider-moves like the racing Dancing Hamsters (complete with a steering wheel)


Like the Imagis, these kids each play 2 songs and are 14" tall. They all also move differently, too.

Olivia-Popular by The Veronicas and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun-swings her body side-to-side and her arms move up and down.

Lizzie-Free and The You Within (both songs are from the show)-moves her mouth while turning her head.

Amelia-Snoopy vs. Red Baron and Fly Away by 5SOS-moves like Red Baron dancing hamster

Rosalyn-I Can See Clearly Now and Pocket Full of Sunshine-glides across the floor and spins.


Other kidsEdit

Each plays one song and moves like the Turtle Dancers unless noted.

Veronica Sidestepper-Clownin' Around from Circus, Circus plays as she sidesteps.

Presley-Sea Cruise

Shawn-Blinded Me With Science

Chris Sidestepper-Rock The Boat

Cole-Mr. Roboto

Rocky-A Country Boy Can Survive

Maria-I Love Adventure from the Timmy the Tooth videos

Enrique-Soccer Rocker from Mother Goose Club

David-Are You Ready For Some Football?

Ellie Spinner-Story of My Life-moves like Movin' Monkeys

Annie-Sweet Home Alabama

Allie Spinner-Get Ready For This

Joe-Hey Good Lookin'

Rachel-Somewhere over the Rainbow

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