These were made in 2013-2014 and based on the Aurora toys.

Characters Edit

Morgana-Walking on Sunshine

Sabrina-Here Comes the Sun

Marinna-Surfing Safari

Melody-Rolling in the Deep

Merissa-Better Together from Pop Dreamers

Daphne-Part of Your World

Nixie-Sea Cruise

Marika-California Sun

Dellora-Summer Wind

Meriel-Sitting on the Dock of the Bay


Maryn-Surfing USA

Serena-Underwater Sun

Sophia-Mermaid by Train

Alyssa-Candle on the Water (from Pete's Dragon)

Maris-Take me To The River

Delmar-In My Life

Dione-Under the Sea (from the Little Mermaid movie)

Tara-Hooked on a Feeling

Star-Lucky Star by Madonna

Dollyphin-Don't Worry, Be Happy

Tamara-Yellow Submarine

Marino-Jump Right In by the Zac Brown Band

Coral-The Tide is High

Ceto-Waves by Mr. Probz

Oliver-Octopus's Garden

Jack-Pirates All Are We

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