These are based off the toy line by Moose. They are similar to Skylanders Dancers as each one stands on a base with a nameplate and they all move differently. These were made in 2015-2017.

List of CharactersEdit

Cheeky Chocolate-Chocolate by The 1975

Strawberry Kiss-Kiss Me

Brenda Blender-Dizzy

Sour Lemon-Heatwave

Rainbow Bite (a slice of rainbow cake)-Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Sunny Screen-Vacation

Angie Ankle Boot-These Boots Are Made For Walking

Wedgy Wendy (a wedge shoe)-Get Down Tonight

Pa'Pizza-That's Amore

Apple Blossom-Take Me Home by Cash Cash feat. Bebe Rexha

Lippy Lips-Lip Gloss

Wobbles-Mahna Mahna

Betty Boot (a cowgirl boot)-Sweet Home Alabama

Chloe Flower-San Francisco (since she is a hippie)

Sally Shakes-Shake Your Groove Thing

Peppe Pepper-Shake It Off

Fairy Crumbs-From a Distance

Cheezey B.-The Burger Rap from Teen Titans Go! (since he loves rapping)

Chee Zee-Rapper's Delight (he also loves to rap)

Slick Breadstick-Love Potion Number Nine

Snow Crush-Let It Snow

Cool Cube-Ice Ice Baby

Rockin' Broc-Old Time Rock & Roll and Rock & Roll All Night

Tommy Ketchup-Asereje

Wishes-Happy Birthday To You

Birthday Betty-They Say It's Your Birthday

Cupcake Queen-Dancing Queen

Waffle Sue-Do You Like Waffles and the Waffles song from Teen Titans Go!

Heels (high-heeled shoe)-Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Sneaky Wedge-All Star

Sneaky Sue-Sneakernight

Tin'a'Tuna-Take Me To The River and The Tide Is High

Saucy Pan-Hey Good Looking

Ice-Cream Dream-Ice Cream Freeze

Ice-Cream Dream 2 (its new look)-You Gots To Chill

Buttercup-Build Me Up, Buttercup

Fishtix-Sea Cruise

Polly Polish-Glamorous

Candi Cotton-Cotton Candy Sure Is Sweet

Candy Kisses-How Sweet it Is

Toofs-My Shiny Teeth And Me

Sugar Lump-Sugar, Sugar and Sugar by Maroon 5

Mandy Candy-I Want Candy

Poppy Corn-Popcorn

Scrubs-No Scrubs

Silky-Smooth by Santana

Shampy-Splish Splash

Sizzles-Hot Stuff

Choco Lava-Hot Hot Hot

Chatter-Call Me Maybe

Mobile Mary-TTYLXOX

Ticky Tock-Tik Tok

Macca Roon-Macarena

Cute Boot (a winter boot)- Baby It's Cold Outside

Spilt Milk-Fergie's Big Girls Don't Cry (because of the idiom "don't cry over spilt milk")

Frost E. Fridge-Frozen Heart

Molly Moccasin-Boom-Shack-a-Lak

Wild Carrot-Wild Heart by The Vamps

Kooky Cookie-That's Kooky from Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!

Choc Kiss-Kiss You

Silly Chilli-I'm a Hot Pepper from Teen Titans Go!

Christmas Apple Blossom and Petkin Milk Bud Duet-They dance side-to-side to 12 Days of Shopkins.

Peta Plant-You Are My Sunshine

Teenie TV-Video Killed The Radio Star

Fifi Fruit Tart-Tutti Frutti

Mary Wishes-Birthday by Katy Perry

Marty Party Hat-Celebration

Party Plate-YMCA

Miss Pressy-Get Down Tonight

June Balloon-Get This Party Started