They were made in 2012-2014


Gill Grunt-Hooked on a feeling

Washbuckler-Rock the Boat

Blast Zone-You Dropped A Bomb on Me

Lightning Rod-Electric Avenue

Pop Thorn-Hot Stuff

Scratch-Born to be Wild

Whirlwind-Summer Wind



Spyro-I'm Spyro and I Know it (Spoof of "I'm Sexy and I Know It")

Trigger Happy -Song of the same name

Eruptor-Hot Hot Hot

Tree Rex- Tree of Life (no explicit words/a clean version)

Bouncer- Jump (Van Halen)

Zook- Bazooka Bubblegum

Stealth Elf- Ninja Rap

Slam Bam- Ice Ice Baby

Jet-Vac-"Snoopy Versus Red Baron"

Blades-The Wings of Love

Sunburn- Burning in the skies

Sonic Boom-"Scream"

Terrafin-"Mack the Knife" (because he's a shark)

Warnado- You Spin Me Right 'Round (spins like a movin monkey, but spins on it's base it stands on and cannot come off to disable spinning, so the button is next to the nameplate)

Chop Chop- Skin and bones and "Kung-Fu Fighting"

Ghost Roaster- Thriller

Sprocket-Hot blooded


Hex-Put A Spell on you

Rattle Shake-Rico Suave

Flashwing-Blinded By The Light

Hot Dog-Who Let The Dogs Out?

Wrecking Ball-The song of the same name

Countdown-The Final Countdown

Free Ranger-Free Fallin (legendary version also exists, but sings the same song though)

Ignitor- Disco Inferno

Fire Kraken- Firework

Knight Mare- Dark Horse

Pop Fizz- Singin' in the Soda (spoof of Singin in the rain)

Hot Head- Fireball

Dark Spyro- My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark ( by fall out boy, yes it's a real song)

Swap Force collection(all 16 swap force Skylanders plus variant swappers on one base) All Sing Weapon Of Choice while the top halves are detachable on can be placed on one another.

Flip Wreck- Flippin' Out