The Stinky Kids. From left to right: Joey, Hannah, Trey, Julie, Billy, Skye, Max, Jen, Johnny, Britt.


These fanmade dolls were made from 2006-2007 and remade in 2012. They are based off the multicultural doll line and the 2012 musical, "Stinky Kids: The Musical." Each Stinky Kid boogies to a really fun song.


Shelf Singer Trey-Head nods and mouth moves to You're Not the Boss of Me Now by Less Than Jake (made in 2012)

Birthday Dance Party Trey-Holding balloons, he swings side-to-side to Tequila. (made in early 2007)

Hanukkah Trey-The Dreidel Song (from, made in 2012)

Halloween Trey-The Addams Family Theme Song plays. He's dressed as a firefighter. (made in 2012)

Britt Shelf Singer-Stinky Kids Theme Song (the opening number from the musical, made in 2012)

Halloween Britt-People are Strange plays. She is dressed as a black cat. (made in 2006)

Christmas Britt-Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree (made in 2012)

Birthday Dance Party Britt-Electric Avenue (made in 2006)

Billy Shelf Singer-Old Time Rock and Roll (made in 2012)

Birthday Dance Party Billy-Let's Twist Again (made in 2007)

Halloween Billy-Dressed as a zombie, he plays "Bad Moon Rising." (made in 2007)

Christmas Billy-The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (made in 2012)

Shelf Singer Skye-One Way or Another (made in 2007)

Christmas Skye-I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

Birthday Dance Party Skye-Macarena

Halloween Skye-I Want Candy plays. She is dressed as a vampire. (made in 2007)

Shelf Singer Hannah-I Will by the Beatles (made in 2006)

Birthday Dance Party Hannah-These Boots Are Made for Walking

Halloween Hannah-Witch Doctor plays. She is dressed as a witch. (made in 2007)

Hanukkah Hannah-Svivon (lyrics from, made in 2012)

Shelf Singer Jen-Trouble(from the musical, 2012)

Halloween Jen-She plays "The Monster Mash" and is dressed as a Jack-O-Lantern. (2007)

Christmas Jen-Santa Claus is Coming to Town (2012)

Birthday Dance Party Jen-Get This Party Started

Shelf Singer Julie-Pocket Full of Sunshine (2012)

Hanukkah Julie-The first 2 blessings over the menorah (2012)

Birthday Dance Party Julie-Party Rock Anthem (made in 2012)

Shelf Singer Joey-Jump in the Line (2012)

Christmas Joey-All I Want for Christmas Is You (2006)

Halloween Joey-Dressed as a mummy, she plays "The Hearse Song." (2006)

Birthday Dance Party Joey-The Electric Slide

Shelf Singer Johnny-Proud Mary (made in 2007)

Birthday Dance Party Johnny-Johnny B Goode (made in 2007)

Christmas Johnny-Santa's Lying Underneath the Sleigh

Halloween Johnny-He is dressed as a spider and plays "Spiders and Snakes."