These are based off the doll line and were made in 2009.

Items in Series Edit

Basic Brayden-Just Bein' Beatrix (from their YouTube channel)

Basic Lark-Go Extreme (from their YouTube channel)

Basic Ainsley-Alone (from their YouTube channel)

Basic Chantal-Bend the Rules (from their YouTube channel)

Partying Brayden-Get This Party Started

Partying Ainsley-Celebration

Partying Lark-Party Rock Anthem

Partying Chantal-Party Like a Rock Star

Holiday Brayden-Wonderful Christmas Time

Holiday Ainsley-Rockin' Around The Christmas Tre

Holiday Lark-Sleigh Ride

Holiday Chantal-Jingle Bell Rock

TV Chantal and Spongebob-The Sponge

TV Ainsley and Maddie-Better in Stereo

TV Brayden and Arnold-Nice Guys Finish Last

TV Lark and Alex-Everything Is Not What It Seems

Showbiz Chantal, Janelle and Shelcie-All I Want for Christmas Is My 2 Front Teeth

Showbiz Lark and Susan-Old Enough to Sing the Blues

Showbiz Brayden and Gary-I Hate The Chores

Showbiz Ainsley and Kelly-Santa Claus is Cool from Survival Santa (a parody of Mama, I'm a Big Girl Now)