These were made from 1998-2000 to promote the unaired Film Roman Blues Brothers animated comedy television show.

Film Roman BBAS

Elwood (left) and Jake (right) in front of Lloyd's Tire Clinic.

Big HeadsEdit

Loure Lemon Big Head-10 messages and Great Balls of Fire (same recording as Rocky, but sung once instead of twice)

Limited-Edition Director Elwood Big Head-Everything I Need and 10 phrases from Elwood's Hollywood Dream

Jake Big Head-Gimme Some Loving and 10 phrases including "Gimme a break, kid!"

Betty Smythe Big Head-I Will and 10 phrases

Louise Big Head-Lollipop and 10 phrases

Time Travel OnesEdit

Flashback 90s Elwood (Spencer's exclusive due to bad language)-Baby Got Back

Flashback 90s Elwood 2 (Spencer's exclusive)-U Can't Touch This

Flashback 70s Mrs. Alderman-Get Down Tonight

Flashback 50s Jake-Blue Moon

Flashback 90s Jake-Unbelievable

Flashback 70s Elwood-YMCA

Flashback 90s Elwood 3-Ice Ice Baby (sold everywhere)

Flashback 80s Kendall-Maniac

Flashback 90s Cameron-Jump Around

Flashback 60s Guitar Playing Tracy Dawn-Wild Thing (same recording as Chantilly Lane's Gorilla My Dreams)

Flashback 50s Don Kennedy-Rock Around the Clock

Flashback 70s Guitarist Toni G.-Love Machine (same recording as Hallmark's Love Machine)-moves like Tracy Dawn, except the guitar lights up red.

Flashback 90s Vera-Baby 1 More Time

Flashback 80s Bobbi G.-Whip It

Flashback 60s Don Kling-My Girl

Flashback 60s Sage-When I'm 64

Flashback 80s Vera-She Works Hard for the Money

Flashback 90s Mrs. Fun-The Look

Flashback 80s Loure Lemon-Square Biz

Flashback 80s Amanda-Mickey

Flashback 80s Tabitha Sidestepper-Celebration

Christmas Ones

Holiday House Party Mrs. Alderman-That's What I Love About Christmas from A Very Minty Christmas-press her hand to see her sway to the music. She was made since 2005.

Holiday House Party Jake-Run Run Rudolph-same motion as Spike the Rocking Porcupine-he was made since 2002

Holiday House Party Elwood-Blue Christmas-same motion and activation as Holiday House Party Mrs. Alderman-Made since 2002

Holiday House Party Amanda Gentry-a rock version of O Christmas Tree

Holiday House Party Kendall-I'm a Snow Man

Holiday House Party Cameron-Snow Machine (a parody of Love Machine)

Holiday House Party Tracy Dawn-Holiday House Party from I Need a Little Christmas Vacation

Holiday House Party Mrs. Fun-Rockin Around the Christmas Tree-made since 1999

Holiday House Party Sage-Jingle Bell Rock-made since 2000

Holiday House Party Mama Louise-All I Want for Christmas is You and Santa Claus is Coming to Town play as she moves Holiday House Party Mrs. Alderman. She was made since 2006.

Holiday House Party Betty Smythe-Louise's sister who strangely died sways to Santa Claus Rock.

Holiday House Party Didi Davidson-The clerk at the Laughter House party store sways to Nothing Says Christmas Like a Pair of Socks from A Very Minty Christmas.

Holiday Vera-Santa Baby (Same recording as green M and Ms Shaker)

Holiday Tabitha-Slippers Again for Christmas

Holiday Don Kennedy-You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch

Holiday Don Kling-Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

Wigglers Edit

Wiggler Elwood-the Greased Lightning

Wiggler Mama Lou-The Best of Both Worlds

Wiggler Jake-At the Hop

Wiggler Vera-I Will Survive

Wiggler Mrs. Alderman-Nobody's Perfect

Wiggler Mrs. Fun-the Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi theme song

Wiggler Sage-Shake a Tailfeather

Wiggler Tracy-Earth Angel

Wiggler Tabitha-Material Girl

Wiggler Amanda-Hannah Montana's Let's Get Crazy

Showbiz OnesEdit

Showbiz Jake and Granny-The Granny Awards

Showbiz Elwood and Jenny-My Mother, The Coach

Showbiz Vera and Olive-My Friend, the Dictionary

Showbiz Mama Lou and Molly-I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

Showbiz Mrs. Fun and Bonnie-Cajun Holiday

Showbiz Mrs. Alderman and Lindsay-Jingle Bells (same recording as Rock Along Santa and Mrs. Claus, made to promote the winter 2015 movie version of It's a Magical Time of the Year)

Showbiz Didi Davidson, Kim, Chris and Erin-Dough, Some Cash

Showbiz Sage and David-Slippers Again For Christmas

Showbiz Betty Smythe and Sis Julie-Martha Stewart

Showbiz Amanda Gentry and Penny-Time to Spare

Showbiz Kendall and Chris-Yes, Brothers Warner We

Showbiz Don Kennedy and Ashley-All I Want for Christmas Is My 2 Front Teeth

Showbiz Don Kling and Cindy-We Haz Jazz

Showbiz Cameron and Alfred Pitchfork-Lights, Camera, Christmas

Showbiz Tracy and Ash Can-Once on a Housetop

Showbiz Tabitha and Aaron-I'm In a Daze

Showbiz Tony and Marty-1-800-Ho-Ho-Ho

Showbiz Bobby and Chip-Pandemonium and I'm Not That Smart

Movie OnesEdit

Movie Elwood and Bert-Chim-Chim-Cher-Ee

Movie Vera and Mary Poppins-Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Movie Mrs. Alderman and Maria-My Favourite Things

Movie Mama Louise and Tiana-Down in New Orleans from The Princess and the Frog

Movie Sage and Pete-Candle on the Water

Movie Cameron and Calliope-A Star Is Born

Movie Kendall and Gus-Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo

Movie Amanda and Pinocchio-Amanda sings I've Got No Strings as Pinocchio moves along.

Movie Tabitha and Sharpay-Tabitha sings We're All In This Together as Sharpay dances along.

Movie Betty and Anna-The First Time in Forever

Movie Jake and Erik-Papa Oom Mow Mow

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