These dolls are based off a fanmade TV show from 2013 called the Browne Boyz. Find out more about it at: !

Basic Edit


Carter-Who's That Chick (On The Radio)?

Spencer-E.T. (by Katy Perry)

Logan-Any Way You Want It

Sabrina-Grab The Mic (the theme song)

Tatum-We Got the Beat


Candice-Blinded Me With Science



Isaac-Jump Around

Caitlyn-Call it Whatever

Sheree-The Sweet Escape

Browne Boyz (Carter, Spencer, Logan) Trio-Play My Music

Sabrina and Quinn Duet: Titanium

Sabrina and Carter Duet: Stay


The Browne Boyz and Sabrina: Rather Be (a cappella)

Courtney-Perfect Day

Christina-Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Ingrid-Proud Mary


Deluxe Carter-Lost

Deluxe Spencer-Tonight Tonight

Deluxe Logan-Mmm Yeah

Deluxe Sabrina-Rather Be

Others Edit

Partying Carter-Cupid Shuffle

Partying Spencer-Gettin' Jiggy With It

Partying Logan-Mambo Number Five, but lyrics are changed to:

"A little bit of Sabrina in the sun,

A little bit of Candice all night long,

A little bit of Quinn here I am,

A little bit of you makes me your man."

Partying Sabrina-Asereje

Partying Quinn-Get This Party Started

Partying Candice-Celebration

Partying Brooke-Start The Party

Partying Isaac-U Can't Touch This

Partying Caitlyn-Macarena

Partying Sheree-Pon de Replay

Partying Ingrid-Cha Cha Slide

Partying Christina-The Electric Slide

Partying Courtney-Party All the Time

Partying Tatum-Play That Funky Music

Partying Maddy-22

Sheree and the Pop Sparkles-Sheree, with Tatum, Ingrid, Christina, and Courtney, all dance to "Party Like a Rock Star," "The Look," and "Since U Been Gone." They are sound-activated or you can press the boombox on their base.

Oinkle Bear-Spencer and Caitlyn's favorite cartoon character dances to "My Pop The Cop." (from Cool McCool).

Heavy Metal Oinkle Bear-He sings his heavy metal song from the show, "Sitting and Waiting."

Spencer and Caitlyn Oinkle Bear Duet-They sing the Oinkle Bear theme song. They both wear OinkLe Bear t-shirts.

Choir Concert Sabrina- A Sky Full of Stars

Choir Concert Quinn: A Thousand Years

Sleepover Sabrina: Bang Bang

Sleepover Quinn: Heart Attack

Sleepover Candice: Hit the Lights

Summertime Carter-Wipeout

Summertime Spencer-Surfin' USA

Summertime Logan-School's Out For Summer

Summertime Sabrina-Soak Up The Sun

Summertime Isaac-California Sun

Summertime Tatum-Summer Sunshine from Zoey 101

Summertime Quinn-Surfin' Bird

Summertime Caitlyn-Hot Hot Hot

Summertime Brooke-Vacation

Summertime Sheree-Surfing Safari

Summertime Ingrid-Papa Oom Mow Mow

Summertime Courtney-The Heat Is On

Summertime Christina-Limbo Rock

Summertime Maddy-Summer Sunshine from Zoey 101

Holiday Themed OnesEdit

Holiday Party Carter-Jingle Bell Rock

Holiday Party Spencer-Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

Holiday Party Logan-All I Want For Christmas is You

Holiday Party Sabrina-O Christmas Tree

Holiday Party Quinn-Baby It's Cold Outside

Holiday Party Candice-The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Holiday Party Brooke-We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Holiday Party Isaac-Jingle Bell Rap

Holiday Party Caitlyn-All I Want For Christmas is My Two Front Teeth

Holiday Party Sheree-Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Valentine's Day Logan and Chloe-Logan and his girlfriend Chloe dance to "Crazy in Love."

Valentine's Day Carter and Maddy-They dance to "Love You Like A Love Song"

Valentine's Day Spencer and Nicole-Spencer and his girlfriend Nicole dance to "Dreamlover."

Valentine Isaac and Sabrina-Sugar Pie Honey Bunch

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