These were sold at Burger King from 1998-2000.


The actual characters

The KidsEdit

  • Jaws-YMCA (1998)
  • Kid Vid-Electric Slide (1998)
  • Boomer-Rock and Roll Part Two (1998)
  • Snaps-Freeze Frame (1998)
  • IQ-Blinded Me With Science (1998)
  • Wheels-Funkytown and Wheels in the Sky (1998)
  • Lingo-La Cumparsita and La Bamba (1999)
  • Jazz-Plays trumpet to In the Mood (2000)
  • JD-Who Let the Dogs Out? (2000)
  • Jazz on a Butterfly-2000 plays On the Wings of Love
  • Wheels on a Centipede-2000, plays
  • Jaws on an Ant-High Hopes, 2000

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