These are based on the 2005-2008 doll line, made in 2013-2014 for Justice and The Children's Place.

Betty Jo

This is Betty Jo.


This is Caitlyn, originally released 2007.


This is Georgette.


Wave 1-"A" Series:

Ashley-The Sweet Escape

Aimee-Call Me Maybe

Alisha-Set Fire to the Rain

Alisha and Bethany

Alisha is on the left. Bethany is in the middle.

Holiday Aimee-All I Want for Christmas Is You

Holiday Alisha-All I Want for Christmas Is My 2 Front Teeth

Holiday Ashley-Oh Santa from Veggietales

Showbiz Ashley and Granny-The Granny Awards

Showbiz Alisha and Molly-I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

Wave 2-B Series:

Betty Jo-Electric Slide

Brianne-Car Wash

Bethany-Grooving on a Sunday Afternoon

Holiday Brianne-Happy Holidays To You

Holiday Bethany-Winter Wonderland

Holiday Betty Jo-Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

Showbiz Bethany and Chip-Pandemonium and Magic Foot

Showbiz Betty Jo and Rose-We Haz Jazz

Showbiz Brianne and Kim-Yes, Brothers Warner We

Wave 3-"C" Series:

Caitlyn-Perfect Day

Casey-Since U Been Gone

Charlotte-These Boots are Made for Walkin' (since she wears faux fur boots)

Showbiz Casey and Bobby-The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Showbiz Charlotte and Jenna-a Blues-Brothers-like rendition of Good King Wencelas

Holiday Caitlyn-Baby It's Cold Outside (same recording as Avon's 2007 Penguin Duet)

Holiday Casey-Up on the Housetop

Holiday Charlotte-Must Be Santa

Showbiz Caitlyn and Yellowbeard-Pirates All Are We

Wave 4-"D" Series:

Dakota-Material Girl



Showbiz Dakota and Dorothy-I Need a Vacation-Their knees bend, hands clap, heads turn and they swing side-to-side. In other words, they do the "I Need A Vacation" dance.

Showbiz Dana and Kyle-The First Noel

Showbiz Danielle and Stacy-Winter Wonderland

Holiday Dakota-Feliz Navidad

Holiday Danielle-Santa Claus Is Back In Town

Holiday Dana-Dig That Crazy Santa Claus

Real Dakota

This is Dakota.

Wave 5-"E" Series:

Emerson-I Will Survive

Elena-Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Emma-Beat It

Holiday Emerson-Little Drummer Boy

Holiday Emma-Jingle Bells

Holiday Elena-Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Showbiz Elena and Joanie-Piano Teachin' Man-Elena is at the Piano Man's piano.

Showbiz Emerson and Patty Pointer-This Is Our Night to Howl

Showbiz Emma and Nell-The Hero

Wave 6-"F" Series:

Flori Belle-Bette Midler's The Rose

Fantasia Sue-Somewhere My Love (as sung by Chantilly Lane's Anastasia bear)

Faith-Ann-Girlfriend (a clean version)

Holiday Fantasia Sue-Jingle Bell Rock

Holiday Flori Belle-Let It Snow

Holiday Faith-Ann-Nuttin' for Christmas

Showbiz Flori Belle and Brian-Detention

Showbiz Fantasia Sue and Christine-I Love My Locker

Showbiz Faith-Ann and Kyle-Cafeteria Confusion

Wave 7-"G" Series:



Gianna-Sugar Pie Honey Bunch

Showbiz Georgette and Mark-The Paper Airplane Song

Showbiz Garland and Cat in the Hat-The Thinks You Can Think

Showbiz Gianna and Bully-A Frog in Your Throat

Holiday Garland-Shake, Santa, Shake

Holiday Georgette-We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Holiday Gianna-Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

Wave 7-"H" Series (originally unnamed Place Pals from January 2005)


Hazel-Best of Both Worlds-She has orange curly hair and wears a white T-shirt with green wavy lines, green striped leggings and white Mary-Jane shoes.

Hillary-The One That Got Away by Katy Perry

Holiday Holly-The Santa Claus Rock

Holiday Hillary-That's What I Love About Christmas

Holiday Hazel-The Big Red Fella in the Chimney

Showbiz Hazel and Mike-Hello Everybody

Showbiz Holly and Kent-Toon Time

Showbiz Hillary and Penny-Time to Spare

Wave 8-"I" Series (originally unnamed Place Pals from April 2005)

Ilyse-Ann-Tik Tok-she is in a jungle green sweater with shocking pink dots, pink striped leggings, and pink crocs.

Iris-I Knew You Were Trouble-she wears a pastel pink jacket, white striped shirt and stockings and red maryjane shoes.

Irelynn-This is Me-She wears a red and black striped top and stockings as well as black flats.

Showbiz Irelynn and Riff-Let's Jam

Showbiz Iris and Rosie-We're the Clowns

Showbiz Ilyse-Ann and Pat (from Childhood...the Musical)-Jump Rope Rock plays as they jump rope.

Holiday Irelynn-Here Comes Santa Claus

Holiday Ilyse-Ann-We Are Santa's Elves (because she wears an elf costume)

Holiday Iris-Wonderful Christmas Time

TV Irelynn and Tabitha "Tabby" Soren-The 2 dance to Down in New Orleans from the Blues Brothers' animated series.

TV Iris and Spongebob-the Ripped Pants song

TV Ilyse-Ann and Beary Nice-Peanut Butter

Special Edition Imani-Give Up the Funk


This is Irelynn.

Holiday Imani-Holly Jolly Christmas and Santa Baby

Showbiz Imani and Richard-a Blues-Brothers-like version of White Christmas

TV Imani and Coconut Fred-the Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island theme song

Wave 9-"J" Series (originally unnamed dolls from November 2005)

Joanie-Cupid Shuffle-She is in a red dress, red and white striped tights and red boots.

Jenny-Macarena-She is in a yellow sunhat, pink dress, green tights and pearl pink Mary-Janes.

Joy-TTYLXOX-she is in a blue-and-white striped hoodie with matching tights and pearl blue Mary-Janes.

Showbiz Joanie and Jaclyn-Work in the Morning

Showbiz Jenny and Itsy Bitsy-The Things That Make You Squirm

Showbiz Joy and Little Boy Blue-Get Your Lemonade

TV Joanie and Foofa-I Like to Dance

TV Joy and Mittens-the Lalaloopsy theme song

Holiday Joy-a Christmas version of Let's Twist Again

Holiday Jenny-a Christmas version of Charlie Brown

Holiday Joanie-A Christmas version of

Movie Joy and Joy (Inside Out)-the TripleDent Gum jingle

Movie Jenny, Brady, and Mack (Teen Beach 2)-Best Summer Ever

Movie Joanie and Spongebob (The SB Movie 2: Sponge Out of Water)-Squeeze Me

Wave 10-"K" Series (originally unnamed dolls from February 2006)

Karla (in a sky blue outfit with matching hair color)-Shout

Kacee (in a pink satin outfit of hat, dress and shoes)-YMCA

Kadence-(in a white hoodie and stockings)-Miranda Cosgrove's Dancing Crazy

Showbiz Kadence and the Newsies Cast-The King of New York

Showbiz Karla and Joseph-Any Dream Will Do

TV Kacee and Toodee-Run Run Run

TV Kadence and Riley-Take On The World

TV Karla and Nicole-Permanent Midnite

Showbiz Kacee and Cinderella-The Corn Upon My Toe

Wave 11-"L" Series (originally unnamed dolls from April 2006)


Lulu-Surfing Safari

Lonnie-California Sun

Showbiz Lila and Rose-Hobo Swing and Old Enough to Sing the Blues

Showbiz Lonnie and Susan-The Mississippi

Showbiz Lulu and Sherry-The Chores

Holiday Lulu-Silver Bells

Holiday Lila-Silver and Gold

Holiday Lonnie-Holly Jolly Christmas

Movie Lulu, Lela and Tanner (TEen Beach 2)-That's How We Do

Movie Lila, Kevin, Stuart and Bob (Minions)-

Movie Lonnie and Mal (Descendants)-Believe (a Shawn Mendes from the movie)


This is Hillary. She was originally a tearose-colored spring 2005 Place Pal.


This is Lonnie, who was formerly an unnamed Place Pal.


This is Lila.


This is Lulu.

Wave 12-"M" Series (originally unnamed dolls from July 2006)

Melody-in black outfit with black hair-Royals

Mylie-in multicolor outfit featuring a rainbow blouse and rainbow knee-high socks with multicolor hair-Party in the USA

Marella-in brown outfit-Holiday

The 2 Marellas-Bring on the Snow

Showbiz Mylie and the 2 Lindsays (Phantom of the Music Room and It's A Magical Time of the Year)

Showbiz Marella and Bentley-Look Out

Showbiz Melody and the 5 Ringmaster Children-When the Circus Comes to Town

TV Marella and Patrick-Twinkle Twinkle Patrick Star

TV Melody and Arnold-When Life Gives You Lemons

Halloween Melody with Ginger Bag-The Addams Family Theme

Halloween Marella with Black Bag-Witch Doctor

Holiday Marella (lime green gown)-Sleigh Ride

Holiday Melody (red gown)-Jingle Bell Rock

Holiday Mylie (purple gown)-Santa's Underneath the Sleigh

Holiday Melody (blue gown)-Snow Miser

Holiday Mylie (pink gown)-Marshmallow World

Wave 13-"N" Series (originally unnamed denim dolls from November 2006)

Nana-Knock on Wood (in white jeans and shirt)

Nelley-Perfect Day (in green shirt and denim jeans)

Norma-Physical (in hot pink outfit featuring a sweater and jeans)

TV Norma and Carly-Leave It All To Me

TV Nelley and Cool McCool-Cool McCool Theme

TV Nana and Larry-The Hairbrush Song

Wave 14-"O" Series (originally unnamed dolls from December 2006)

Olivia-Stand By Me

Oriana-Sugar, Sugar

October-Walking on Sunshine

Holiday Olivia-Deck the Halls

Holiday Oriana-Wrapped Myself Up from Veggietales

Showbiz October and Schwarzy-I Speak 6 Languages

Showbiz Oriana and Kate-A Mostly Mozart Morning

Showbiz Olivia and Vincent-A Fairly Friendly Fugue and Waltz With Me

TV October and Wakko-I'll Take an Island (a clean version)

TV Oriana and Dot-I'm Cute

TV Olivia and Yakko-Animaniacs Theme Song and There's Only One of You

Valentine's Day Special Edition B. Mine Oceane-Love Potion Number 9

Wave 15-"P" Series (originally unnamed dolls from March 2007)

Penelope-The Look-purple hoodie

Piper-Good Vibrations by Marky Mark-lime green hoodie

Paige-Unbelievable-turquoise hoodie

TV Penelope and Liv-We're Better In Stereo

TV Piper and Chyna-Unstoppable

TV Paige and Ally-Austin and Ally's Glee Club Mashup

Camp Penelope-Alice the Camel

Camp Piper-Marching to Pretoria

Camp Paige-The Bear in Tennis Shoes (lyrics from

Wave 16-"Q" Series (originally unnamed dolls from May 2007)

Queenie-in orange outfit-Reach Out, I'll Be There

Quinn-in maroon outfit-Sugar Pie Honey Bunch

Quelina-in pink and purple outfit-Life's What You Make It


This is Holly. She was originally a Spring 2005 Pacific-colored, unnamed Place Pal.

Camp Queenie-Great Big Moose

Camp Quinn-Make New Friends

Camp Quelina-Billboards

TV Quinn and Quinn-Summer Sunshine

TV Queenie and Dawn-the Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn theme

TV Quelina and Raven-the That's So Raven theme

Wave 17: "R" Series

Rebecca-Firework-neon tie-dye outfit

Regan-Sneakernight-pastel tie-dye outfit

Roxana-Bang Bang-rainbow tie-dye outfit

Special Edition 4-Ever Roseanne-Love Will Keep Us Together

Showbiz Roseanne and Rosie (Bye Bye Birdie)-Spanish Rose

TV Roseanne and Fanboy-We are Wizards, We are Ninjas

Camp Roseanne-The Wizard (lyrics from, but replace "Camp Wildcat" with "Summer camp")

Showbiz Rebecca and Annie Oakley-Doing What Comes Naturally

Showbiz Regan and Audrey-the opening number from Little Shop of Horrors

Showbiz Roxana and Tiger Lily-Ug-a-Bug

Wave 18-"S" Series

Sheree-Build Me Up Buttercup

Shauna-It Don't Mean a Thing

Susanne-Only You

TV Sheree and Sheree-Rock The Box from Julius Jr.

TV Shauna and Wubbzy-the Wow! Wow! Wubbzy theme

TV Susanne and Cindy Brady-Keep on Moving

Wave 19-"T" Series

Trish-The Tide is High-in khaki outfit

Tina-I Love It-in blue "lagoon" outfit

Theodora-in blue, pink, yellow and green outfit-Something to Dance For

Showbiz Trish and Kim-the finale from Bye Bye Birdie

Showbiz Tina and Chava-Tradition (Fiddler on the Roof)

Wave 20-"U" Series

Ulrike-in brown 80s outfit-Maniac

Ulrica-in "pink ice" 80s outfit-Square Biz

Ulalame-in lilac 80s outfit-Physical

Showbiz Ulrike and Mark-Ghost Story

Showbiz Ulalame and Pat-Let the Games Begin

Showbiz Ulrica and John-The Good-Time Family Band

Wave 21-"V" Series

Vivien-Call It Whatever

Voula-Can't Blame A Girl for Trying

Vicky-Lips are Movin'

Holiday Vivien-Beautiful Christmas by Big Time Rush

Holiday Voula-a Christmas version of Shout

Holiday Vicky-Macarena Christmas

Wave 22-"W" Series

Willamina-A Sky Full of Stars

Waverly-Shake It Off

Wendee-Jar of Hearts

Hanukkah Willamina-Svivon

Hanukkah Waverly-I Have A Little Dreidel

Hanukkah Wendee-Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah

Wave 23-"X" Series

Ximena-A Thousand Years

Xiomara-Waking Up In Vegas

Xochitl-The Way I Are

TV Ximena and Daizy-Dance Party from Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!

TV Xiomara and Linny-The Phone Is Ringing

TV Xochitl and Chum Chum-the Fanboy and Chum Chum theme (aka Here We Go!)

Wave 24-"Y" Series

Yasmina-Get Down Tonight-in a pink 70s outfit

Yvonne-Disco Inferno-in an orange 70s outfit

Halloween Yasmina-The Monster Mash

Halloween Yvonne-Spiders and Snakes

Wave 25: "Z" series

Zelena-Gonna Make You Sweat

Zia-Get Ready For This

Zabrina-Electric Avenue

Halloween Zelena-Somebody's Watching Me

Halloween Zia-The Midnight Hour

Halloween Zabrina-Evil Ways

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