Based the world's biggest Christian kids' choir, each one sings and moves to a hymn, original tune, pop hit, or funny song.They were sold at Walmart, Target, K Mart, and Toys R Us in 2005.

Kids Edit

  1. Olivia, Tate and Ivy Huesmann-Twinkle Twinkle and Little Wheel Turning
  2. Ashlynne and Josh Holtz-You Are The Everlasting God
  3. Leah, Hannah and Sarah Peasall-His Banner Over Me Is Love, In The highways and A Sweet Spirit
  4. Ellie and Gracie Mandeville-Who Built The Ark and Praise Ye the Lord
  5. Erin and Matt Bell-Down in My heart and Dry Bones
  6. Rob, Jay and Tom Griffith-Why Do Birds, Bushel and Peck and thankfulness
  7. Ukyeye Wilt-This Little Light of Mine
  8. Rhonda Hampton-Jonah Are You gonna
  9. Shannon Love-God Made Me
  10. Sarah Valley-Hallelu Hallelu
  11. Lindsay and Whitney Wiggins-Standing in the Need and Jesus Lives for Little Children
  12. Delaney Cusic-Behold Behold
  13. Emily Zeringue-Climb Up Sunshine Mountain
  14. Rob and Marty Gay-Jesus Loves Me and The ABC
  15. Mary Catherine Musick-School Days
  16. Ashley burleson-Put Your Fingers on your Nose and your toes
  17. Brandon, Ellen and Megan Dockery-ANimal Fair, Shoo FLy and Sarasponda
  18. Skyla Carnahan-I Got Shoes
  19. Anna and Katy Stewart-Happy All The Time And God's Way
  20. Alex and Maddie Rhoden-I Believ God Can and Over Over

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