These were made to promote Nelvana's Little Charmers TV series from 2015.


Hazel-The Little Charmers Theme

Posie-the Sparkle Up chant

Lavender-the Charm House song

Partying Hazel-Sparkle Up, Let's Go (from an ad)

Partying Posie-To The Music by The Bounce Patrol

Partying Lavender-Make a Silly Face by The Bounce Patrol

Halloween Hazel-Halloween Rules by The Bounce Patrol

Halloween Posie-The Goblin Gallop (from the show)

Halloween Lavender-This Is Halloween

Nursery Time Hazel-Mary Had a Little Lamb

Nursery Time Posie-I'm a Little Teapot

Nursery Time Lavender-If You're Happy and You Know It

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