These were made in July 2016, based of the popular tv show


Lincoln-The theme song

Luan Sidestepper-Yakety Yak

Leni-Material Girl 

Lily-Baby Love 

Lisa-Blinded Me with Science

Luna-I Love Rock and Roll plays as she plays guitar.

Lynn-We Will Rock You

Lori-No by Meghan Trainor

Lana-The song that plays over the credits

Lucy-The dark rock from Day of the Dead Skeleton by Grandin Road

Lola-Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Clyde-Lean On Me (Reggae Remix)

Bobby-Mmm Yeah

Special Editions Edit

Nightgown Luan-Blue moon

Leni in her "driving outfit"-I Can't Drive 55

Swimmer Luan-Papa Oom Mow Mow

Swimmer Leni-Hot Hot Hot

Swimmer Lori-Vacation

Swimmer Lana-California Sun

Swimmer Lola-The Tide Is High

Swimmer Luna-Perfect Day

Swimmer Lynn-Surfin' USA

Swimmer Lucy-Summertime Sadness

Swimmer Lisa-School's Out for Summer

Swimmer Lily-

Swimmer Lincoln-In The Summertime

Lifeguard Bobby-Wipeout


Lincoln (right) and his sisters (left) in their swimsuits.