These were a series made from 1998-2004

Retro Favorites (made in 1998) Edit

They sing 60s and 70s songs and wear hippie clothes.

Blossom-I Think I Love You

Bubbles-I Got You Babe

Buttercup-Wild Thing

Hip Swingers (made in 1999) Edit

Hip-Swinging Blossom-Hippie-Hippie Shake

Hip-Swinging Bubbles-Locomotion

Hip-Swinging Buttercup-Putting on the Ritz

North Pole Productions (made in 2000) Edit

Life-Size Christmas Blossom-We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Life-Size Christmas Buttercup-Deck the Halls

Life-Size Christmas Bubbles-Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Singing Blossom Stocking (pink w/ black stripe)-Jingle Bells

Singing Bubbles Stocking (blue with black stripe)-Here Comes Santa Claus

Singing Buttercup Stocking (green with black stripe)-O Christmas Tree

Be-Boppers (made in 2001) Edit

They move like the original Dancing Hamsters made of latex.

Be-Bopper Blossom-Groovin' on a Sunday Afternoon

Be-Bopper Bubbles-Long Tall Texan

Be-Bopper Buttercup-Build Me Up Buttercup

Be-Bopper Boomer-Bugle Boy

Be-Bopper Brick-Do You Love Me?

Be-Bopper Butch-Hooked on a Feeling

Groovin' Characters (made in 2002) Edit

Groovin' Blossom-Shout

Groovin' Bubbles-Rubber Biscuit

Groovin' Buttercup-Celebration

Groovin' Butch-Grooving on a Sunday Afternoon

Groovin' Boomer-Stay Just a Little Bit Longer

Groovin' Brick-Wipeout

2002 Edit

Motown Bubbles-Mr. Postman

Motown Blossom-Love Machine

Motown Buttercup-Heard It Through the Grapevine

80s Blossom-Maniac

80s Bubbles-We Got the Beat

80s Buttercup-Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

80s Brick-Square Biz

80s Bunny-Vacation

80s Boomer-Whip It

80s Butch-My Sharona

Dangling Dancers (2003) Edit

Dangling, Dancing Princess Blossom-Swan Lake

Dangling, Dancing Princess Bubbles-Music Box Dancer

Dangling, Dancing Buttercup-Build Me Up Buttercup

Party Time (2004) Edit

Party Time Blossom-Hands Up

Party Time Bubbles-Electric Slide

Party Time Buttercup-Vengabus

Halloween Edit


Red Riding Blossom-Wild Thing

Fairy Bubbles-Addams Family Theme

Black Cat Buttercup-Black Magic Woman


Goldilocks Bubbles: Twilight Zone Theme

Blossom Cheerleader: I Want Candy

Buttercup Skeleton with Candy Corn: Superfreak


Witch Buttercup-Evil Ways

Bubbles Scarecrow-If I only Had a Brain

Blossom Ghost-Da Da Da

Brick Zombie-Hot Hot Hot

Butch Monster-I'm Your Boogie Man

Egg Works (1999-2004) Edit

Bunny Bubbles-Peter Cottontail

Chicken Buttercup-The chicken dance

Frog Blossom-Dock of the Bay, Joy to the World and Spiders and Snakes

Cupid Creations (1999-2004) Edit

Blossom with a Heart:

Buttercup with Wrapped Candy:

Bubbles with Flowers: