These were made from 1994-1998 based on the PBS Kids show and were sold at Toys R Us.

Everyday (1994)Edit

Jody-The theme song

Skye-Jeepers Creepers

Ben-Mr. Postman

Kiki-A, You're Adorable

Julie-I'm a Little Teapot

Leon-Rocking Robin

Showtunes (1996-1998)Edit

Jody-The Hard-Knock Life

Skye-The Granny Awards


Leon-Look Out

Kiki-We're the Clowns

Ben-Consider Yourself

Motown (1995)Edit

Motown Jody-Love Machine

Motown Julie-Dancing in the Street

Motown Ben-Heard It Through the Grapevine

Motown Leon-Mister Postman

Motown Skye-Let's Twist Again

Motown Kiki-Yakety Yak

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