The Singing Beauty Bunch are different beauty products (cosmetics, hair products, etc.) that sing songs.

They were released in 2013-2014.

Series 1 Edit

Lulu Lipstick- A parody of the Brady Bunch theme song called "The Beauty Bunch"

Lexi Lip Gloss-Lip Gloss

Melissa Mascara: The Sweet Escape

Hannah Hairbrush: Whip My Hair

Belinda Blush: Blush from Standing Ovation

Brenda Bronzer: Glamorous

Nina Nail Polish: Heart in Hand

Effie Eye Shadow: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Molly Mirror: Mirrors

Carla Compact: Love Machine

Emmie Eyeliner-What a Girl Wants

Series Two Edit

Lulu- Bang Bang

Belinda- So What

Nina- Miss Movin' On


Molly-I Will Survive


Effie-Stop In The Name of Love

Lexi- Fancy

Carla-Never Easy for Us


Brenda-Material Girl

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