These were made in 2002-2003 and are based on the Mike Lyon novelty, supporting charity. 


Butch for ADHD-his original outfit and hair-Born to be Wild

Brittany for autism-purple and blue hair in a ponytail, with a purple-and-blue striped shirt- The Sweet Escape

Ally for colon cancer-dark blue curly hair and outfit-

Bo for teen cancer-teal frizzy hair and outfit-

Bernadette for bone cancer-white pigtails and outfit (stockings and dress with stars and white Mary-Janes)

Daniel for childhood cancer-gold dreadlocks and outfit (pants with stars, shirt with silver star on it, and loafers)

Candace for carcinoid cancer-she is the first African-American Wild Child. She wears a zebra-print shirt with matching zebra-print stockings and high heels.

Mari for Down Syndrome-has distinctive Down syndrome facial features and wears a shirt with a heart on it as well as a leopard-print skirt and sneakers

Lyn for Asperger's Syndrome-

Abe for disabled children-

Olivia for ovarian cancer-the first Hispanic Wild Child, who wears a purple and pink outfit