These tourist Gemmys were made from 2010-2014 and are sold in major cities.

Characters Edit

New York Natalie-Empire State of Mind

New York Nate-New York, New York

Los Angeles Lola-California Gurls (Katy Perry)

Sacramento Callie-California Sun

San Diego Sam-Heart Like California

San Francisco Frankie-San Francisco

Dallas Dana-Wish I Was Back In Texas from Spongebob

Houston Horace-The Yellow Rose of Texas

Birmingham Ally-Sweet Home Alabama

Atlanta George-The Devil Went Down to Georgia

Chicago Charlotte-Sweet Home Chicago from Let's Jam, It's Our Band

Baltimore Mary-Good Morning Baltimore from Hairspray

Las Vegas Livvy-Waking Up In Vegas

Las Vegas Larry-Viva Las Vegas

Phil A. Delphia-Philadelphia Freedom

Jackson Missy-The Mississippi from We Haz Jazz

Miami Maddie-Miami

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