The Undertale Dashboard Drivers is a series of Dashboard Drivers made by Gemmy in 2017, based on the famous Steam game. Each character says 5-10 phrases and play parts of their music tracks from the game (Excluding Alphys and Chara)

Characters in SeriesEdit

-Flowey (Your Best Friend)

-Napstablook (Ghost Fight)

-Toriel (Heartache)

-Papyrus (Bonetrousle)

-Mad Dummy (Dummy!)

-Undyne (Spear of Justice)

-Undyne the Undying (Battle Against a True Hero)

-Alphys (Alphys Takes Action)

-Mettaton (Box form, Metal Crusher)

-Muffet (Spider Dance)

-So Sorry (Wrong Enemy!?)

-Mettaton (EX form, Death by Glamour)

-Mettaton (NEO form, Power of NEO)

-Asgore (ASGORE)

-Asriel Dreemurr (His Theme)

-Asriel Dreemurr (Hypergod of Death form, Hopes and Dreams)


-Chara Dreemurr (Megalo Strike Back)

-Monster Kid (Unreleased, Song unknown)

-Doggo (Enemy Approching, Unreleased)

-Madjick (Core, Unreleased)

-Whimsalot (Stronger Monster, Unreleased)


-They were only sold online for $12.99

-Due to the contraversy when So Sorry was in the game, only 25,000 of the Dashboard Driver versions were made.

-Alphys takes Action and Megalo Strike Back are both fan themes

-It was unknown what Monster Kid was suppose to have play, some people have speculated it to either be "But the Earth Refused to Die" or "In My Way", some even think it was to be "Not a Kid Anymore", another fan theme.

-Despite it also being Undertale themed, the Red Dashboard Driver is not part of this series, and is instead it's own prop