aka Colton

Bureaucrat Admin
  • I live in In a mansion with a bunch of my AU forms
  • I was born on December 18
  • My occupation is Shiny hunting in Pokemon, doing RP, and sleeping :3
  • I am a male squeaky demon that can squeak and purr :3
  • Coltonandjen

    I feel like I'm the sole person here, who's keeping this dying wikia alive, since like nobody comes here anymore, But is that true, or are there others ;-;...

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  • Coltonandjen

    I've put up an adoption request for this wikia, and they said that I should create a blog notifying the two active users here, so i'm doing to, and the reason is, so I can change this wikia. There's a lot of empty/little info pages that can either be reworked or removed, not to mention I can protect any of the pages vandelized by Cody (and probably block him, i'm sick of him bitching every other day about Gemmygod saying this, or Gemmygod posting a video on him, like fr Cody, you called a truce, and yet you do the exact opposite, I take back what I said about Gemmygod being a hypocrite and give it to you), and overall, be the first admin for this place, we need to make the Fanmade Gemmy Wikia great again (Sorry, didn't mean to quote Donald…

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