This is a MGA-Gemmy line. Each Yummi-Land sweetie boogies to a sugary-sweet song and were made in 2014.

Soda Pop Girls Edit

Bonnie Bluebella-Blue Moon

Belinda Banana Ana-Go Bananas by the Fresh Beat Band

Gaby Grapelina-Rock Around The Clock

Amanda Appletina-At The Hop

Susie Strawbella-Tutti Frutti

Chelsea Cherry Lyn-Cherry Cherry from Grojband

Creme Soda Pop Girls Edit

Carrie Cherry-Ring of Fire

Candy Coconut-Sugar, Sugar

Priscilla Vanilla-The Sweet Escape

Oriana Orange-Sugar by Maroon 5

Coco Mocha-Java Jive

Paris Peppermint-Jingle Bell Rock

Candy Pop Girls Edit

Katie Cotton Candy-The Twist

Lucy Lollipop-Lollipop (same recording as Cuddle Barn's Lil' Bo Sweet)

Cara Caramel-I Want Candy

Taryn Taffy-C-A-N-D-Y from Fanboy and Chum Chum

Ruby Red Licorice-Let's Twist Again

Lacy Lemon Chiffon Cake-When Life Gives You Lemons from Hey Arnold!

Ice Cream Pop Girls Edit

Mindy Mint Chocolate Chip-Sugar Rush from Wreck-it Ralph

Pasha Pineapple-These Boots Are Made For Walking (she wears go-go boots)

Rachel Raspberry Swirl-Ice Cream and Cake

Betsy Bubblegum-Bubbly by Colbie Callait

Veronica Vanilla Almond-Ice Ice Baby

Renee Rainbow Ripple-Somewhere over the Rainbow

Flower Pop Girls Edit

Lindsey Lue Lilac-From a Distance

Roslyn Roxy Rose-Roses are Red My Love

Dixie Day Daisy-I Can See Clearly Now

Libby Lynn Lily-You Raise Me Up

Sundae Pop Girls Edit

Haley Hot Fudge Sundae-How Sweet It Is to be Loved By You

Natty Nutty Sundae-Sugar Pie Honey Bunch

Kerry Cherry Sundae-Grooving on a Sunday Afternoon (Get it? Sunday? Sundae?!)

Smoothie Pop Girls Edit

Penny Peach Perfection-Macarena

Baily Banana Bliss-Asereje

Sofia Strawberry Sensation-Jump in the Line

Bridget Blueberry Buzz-Hot Hot Hot

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